12 Rare Things Women Do That Make Men Weak In The Knees

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Women have a lot more power over men than they realize. In fact, one rapper even wrote a song about it, calling it “Power of P***y.”

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Men, when teased the right way, go a little crazy over women.

What’s funny about this isn’t just that women don’t realize how much power they have over guys, but that they don’t usually even realize what makes men swoon.

 We decided to ask men some of the things girls do that make their jaws drop and their hearts melt. Here’s what they had to say.

Here are 12 rare things women do that make men weak in the knees:

1. Stretching to reach something

“You know that stretch you make when you go on your tippy toes to reach something in a high-up cabinet? Yeah, seeing girls stretch like that does it for me.” —Trey, 24

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2. Touching me a certain way

“I really get weak in the knees when girls do that super-light touch where they just graze their nails against my skin. Melts me, every single time.” —Lamar, 29

3. That "look" in their eyes

“For me, it’s really hard to explain. It’s a certain look that girls give when they’re checking out a guy that makes me feel some type of way. Like, their eyes get a bit bigger, maybe? I don’t know if it’s their smile or what, but it makes me feel like the king of the world.” —Eric, 25

4. Cooking talent

“I dunno. An ability to cook? An interest in what I’m into? It’s really not that hard. It’s just that most guys don’t appreciate it after a while.” —Dante, 30

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5. A killer body

“I don’t want to be shallow for saying this, but I’m gonna have to be shallow, okay? I get weak in the knees when I see a tiny waist, long legs, and big boobs. That’s all it takes. Really.” —Tony, 22

6. Strong, assertive women

“What makes men swoon are the girls who put their foot down when I start to act like an idiot. I don't know, maybe I like bossy women? It’s that strong bit that makes me melt.” —Paul, 28

7. Giving me bedroom eyes

“Any time that I see a girl giving me ‘the look’ while playfully putting something on her lips... Oh man, it’s bad. I lose myself a bit.” —Andrew, 33

8. Showing an interest in me

“A girl who shows me that she’s into me is enough to make me weak in the knees.” —Dale, 23

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9. Wearing pantyhose

"Especially with high heels. It’s so feminine. And the way it makes a girl’s legs look? Holy s***. I really don’t get the feeling that girls understand how good they look when they wear that stuff.” —Ryan, 25

10. Asking for help

“If you really want to know, it’s when a girl asks for my help. Guys want to be needed, not just wanted. If you give us the chance to be a hero, we’ll want to be a hero. How girls don't know this is beyond me.” —James, 24

11. Dancing

“Dancing. Straight up. There’s an entire industry around it because of how hot girls look when they do it. When a girl dances around me, I don’t get weak in the knees. I straight up crumble.” —Brad, 28

12. Making the first move

"I have physical, emotional, and intellectual attributes I'm attracted to. And I am perfectly content being the pursuer but grabbing my hand or putting my hand on her person is a monster turn-on in the chase phase. Knowing what you want (and that it's me) is like fishing with dynamite. In an already established relationship, it's similar but more to the tune of her use of blunt, sexually-direct language." —Michael, 38

Basically, it’s looking like just doing anything will probably make the right guy weak in the knees. So, do you. You’ll find someone who wants it eventually. 

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