Husband Shares The Sweet Reason He Takes 'Terrible' Pictures Of His Wife, Despite Being A Professional Photographer

His video serves as proof of how much he loves his wife.

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It’s not uncommon to look at a picture of yourself and not like the way that you look. However, most of us would assume that we would look pretty good if those photos were taken by a professional photographer.

One woman who's married to a professional photographer doesn’t think so, however — but her husband is explaining why.

A photographer from Sydney shared why he doesn’t take good photos of his wife.

Australian photographer Adrian Magno recently shared a special anniversary video for his wife on Instagram. In the video, he featured pictures and video clips of his wife and their family with a touching voiceover.


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“If you hate the way your boyfriend or husband takes photos of you, I can explain why,” he began.

Although Magno is a professional photographer, he argued that his words hold true for all significant others, regardless of their skills with a camera.

“You know you’re falling in love with someone when you’re drawn to the things that others would consider unattractive,” Magno said. “Their stubbornness, the way they breathe when they sleep, the way their hair stands in the morning. The way their clothes smell after a long day or how they eat really loudly.”

According to Magno, the things that stand out to him about his wife are not what’s conventionally attractive. He argued that this is true for all partners.


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He believes that, once you fall in love with someone, the things that stand out to you are not what would stand out to someone else.

It’s things that only you notice about that special person.

Magno acknowledged that he is a good photographer who knows the tools of his trade well. But, this has not changed the way his wife feels about the pictures he takes of her. “Despite spending years learning about lighting, composition and posing, and literally winning awards in making girls look pretty on their wedding day, my wife still hates the way I take photos of her,” he said.

Magno explained that he feels he doesn’t know how to make his wife look her best because she always looks beautiful to him. Continuing, he said, “The reason for this is, unlike all the other women I have no affection for who have had hours of makeup and hair, in the most expensive dress they’ll ever wear, I’ve at least developed an understanding of how to make them look their best. But the problem is, when you’re looking at someone you’re in love with, it gets harder to discern what makes her look good or bad.”


“After 12 years, I literally don’t know which side is her side because they both look beautiful to me,” he said. “Every mole, every imperfection, every little thing she hates about herself, those aren’t just the things I love. Those are my favorite things about her because that’s what makes her her. That’s what makes her mine.”

Magno finished off his video with a sweet sign-off.


“After seven years of marriage, I can still say for certain my photos of you still suck, and I couldn’t be any prouder. Happy anniversary,” he said.

Many fellow Instagram users were touched by Magno’s sweet, vulnerable thoughts. “This is so beautiful, it made me cry,” one person commented. “This video is so insanely raw and beautiful,” wrote another.

However, not everyone was so quick to find sweet sentiments in Magno’s words. “I am willing to bet she’s told you what she wants in a photo and you could use that info to take pictures of her she likes too,” one said. “She got mad at you didn’t she … And you’re making it up to her with this video?” another guessed.


Although some may question the reason for Magno’s video, his words seem genuine. It is clear that he loves his wife very much, and he believes every picture he takes of her is beautiful because she is. Perhaps we should all be a little kinder when our partners take photos of us. You never know what they see through the lens.

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