People With These 4 Personality Traits Make The Most Passionate Lovers

All their exuberance for life needs to go somewhere.

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Each of us has an archetype that describes us, from our strengths and weaknesses to how we show up in relationships. According to palmistry, the art of palm reading, you can figure out which archetype you or your partner are simply by looking at your hands.

There's a reason why people with these 4 personality traits are the most passionate & romantic lovers.

There are 22 personality archetypes, based on Tarot's 22 major arcana cards, and each archetype possesses unique characteristics and personality traits. However, when it comes to passion and romance, some people are blessed with "fiery" archetypes that give them a leg up in love and help them have the most passionate romantic relationships.


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1. The Wheel of Fortune, the Chariot, the Magician, and the Lovers.

Love, passion, and romance are often associated with fire — things heat up in the bedroom; your tryst with someone can be spicy, or the person you’re attracted to is hot. So it should come as no surprise people with four fiery archetypes are predisposed to being the most passionate partners.

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2. What does it mean to have a fiery archetype, and how can you use palm reading to tell if you’ve got one?

In palmistry, you can tell which element you are — fire, water, earth, or air — by looking at the size and shape of your hand and fingers. In this case, these four palm reading archetypes all have one thing in common, which is that they share the same elemental type of hand: The “fire hand”, which is generally classified by having short fingers and a rectangular palm.

There are incredible benefits to each sign. The fire sign is filled with passion and excitement. Fire types, in general, are free-spirited people who are more open-minded and may not have the same “hang-ups” as some of the other types do. Plus, as a fire hand, it might seem like Aphrodite herself gave you some serious skills in the love and relationship department.

They’re very adaptable and intuitive to their partner’s needs. This makes it easier for them to dote and care for their love since they’re good at figuring out what’s going on and adjusting plans accordingly!


But to know more about your romantic personality traits and strengths when it comes to love, you’ll need to know which archetype you fall under.

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Here are the 4 most passionate & romantic archetypes:

1. The Wheel of Fortune: You're creative and passionate


The Wheel of Fortune type is the most common of these archetypes, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing! When you have a fire hand with a “strong” or “dominant” Apollo finger, you’re a creative, passionate person with an unmatched zest for life. You know what you want, and you’re willing to go out in the world and work for it, since to you, luck isn’t something that just happens, it’s something you create.

You’re a magnetic person that many people are drawn to, and you’re fun to be around. At your best, you’re juggling several creative projects and you’re soaking up all the limelight that comes with it.

When it comes to relationships, your energy needs someone to be its match, so you may struggle to find someone interesting or energetic enough to keep pace with you, which might make you appear a little fickle. You may be a bit insecure, however, which means you’ll also need someone willing to shower you with compliments and reassure you when you need it.

Your passion and natural vivaciousness make you an exciting, energetic partner who has no problem trying new things in a relationship and is open to adopting and accomplishing many of the goals you and your partner come up with.


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2. The Chariot: You're driven and fun

If you’re a fire hand with a dominant Jupiter or index finger, you’re the type of person who sets the bar for movement and action. You’re very well-balanced when it comes to your emotions, and your standards are pretty high — but this is a good thing. As a chariot, high achievement is a minimum standard for you!


You’re the type of person who charges through life with enthusiasm and energy, and you don’t like to be held back from your goals. You’re a take-charge person and show others the way to success, but you probably have little patience for matters you deem trivial.

If a Chariot doesn’t feel the relationship they’re in can keep up, they won’t have time for it. While this can mean you struggle to deal with your partner’s emotions when times are difficult, when you can get back on your jet-setting track, you inspire your partner with your pursuit of fun, active adventures together.

Chariots are people who are full of life and vitality, and for this reason, they make passionate lovers. They’re always fun to be around, but to those who don’t know them well, they may come off as superior or competitive. But Chariots give their all to a partner who can keep up with them, and they rarely disappoint when it comes to a hunger for new experiences.

3. The Magician: You're sharp-witted and a touch mischievous


If you’re a Magician archetype, your fire hand has a dominant little or “Mercury” finger.

Magicians are, in a sense, magical manifestos. They know they have the tools to create their desired outcome and aim for it even if they don’t know how it will happen. They’re full of ideas and are often extremely intelligent, choosing to share their knowledge and beliefs with others. They’re a clever type who might be a touch mischievous at times. After all, a Magician always has some tricks up his sleeves!

In love, Magicians may get bored easily by their partners if they can’t find someone to match their intellect to intellect. You’ll need someone exciting and fun, but because you tend to get a little pie-in-the-sky about things, your ideal match would also be someone who can ground you and bring some stability into your life.

Magicians are passionate, especially with someone they’re deeply connected to. They’re open to exploring intimacy and experimenting with creative new ways to bond physically and emotionally. A Magician may just open their partner’s mind to enticing ways to love they’d never even known before; a night with a Magician is nothing short of magic!


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4. The Lovers: You're sensual and warm


If your archetype is the Lovers, you’re the rarest of the fire-hand signs. It’s a challenging archetype to own, but being in balance with your feminine and masculine qualities can help.

You’re a good mix of reasoning combined with your emotions and spirituality. You’re comfortable integrating these qualities through activities in your relationships and exploring the cosmos of thought, understanding, and physicality with your partner. If you’re a Lover archetype, you’re a sensual person full of life and passion who may personify sensuality in your entire being.

Lovers prefer, as their name would suggest, to be in a steady relationship with someone where they can co-exist in harmony with their opposite. Whereas other fire types may need someone to keep pace with them, Lovers celebrate differences in a partner and view these as a challenge, which makes them stronger with their love than apart.

You enjoy loving your partner as part of who you are, which means your partner will feel the love you have practically radiating off of you!


When you’re a fire archetype, your personality traits may naturally align toward passion and romance, which makes you an excellent lover and friend in a relationship. Just remember to balance your exuberance and excess energy from time to time so you don’t feel burnt out!

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Cynthia Clark is a certified palm reading consultant and relationship expert, as well as the author of Stories in Your Hands.

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