The One Thing We All Need To Succeed And Thrive

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As we grow older, life tends to throw more challenges our way. And figuring out how to deal with these hurdles can feel impossible at times.

So, how do others manage to keep it all together? How do others keep moving forward? What is the secret to a successful life?

Psychologist Stan Tatkin provides insight as he discusses the one thing you need to remember if you want to succeed and thrive in life.


The One Thing We All Need To Succeed And Thrive

"In order to succeed and fully thrive in the world, we need to be tethered to at least one person," says Tatkin.


At first glance, this might sound like counterintuitive advice. Do you really need another person to be happy and successful in life?

This is because, as Tatkin continues, “We live in a culture that believes in autonomy, in not needing anybody, a do-it-yourself person, and this ultimately becomes our undoing.”

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People forget that as humans we are wired for human connection. And that we aren't meant to live this life alone.

According to UC Berkeley Executive Education, “Research has shown that the psychological and physical health benefits of social contact are so great that they can even outweigh the harmful effects of other risk factors and boost life expectancy.”


Tatkin points out that many turn to substance abuse to cope with tough times. This approach can lead to serious consequences down the road.

Instead, try learning from others and building stronger connections. Share yourself with them, and let them do the same with you.

If you want to develop a stronger relationship with others here are a few things to consider.

4 Ways To Better Connect

1. Consider the places you already go.

Want to build connections? "Try visiting the places you already go to," says Mental Health America. Are there coffee shops that you frequent on the daily? Or classes you are currently taking? Use these opportunities to build relationships with others.


2. Focus conversations on shared experiences.

Knowing how to start a conversation can be tricky and anxiety-inducting. But it doesn't have to be too hard. "Using your situations focus on that main point in your conversations," says Mental Health America.

For instance, let's say you're visiting an art museum and viewing a piece. You can turn to the person next to you, ask for their opinion on it and take it from there.

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3. Offer compliments.

"When all else fails try a compliment," says Mental Health America. Most people can appreciate a small compliment from a stranger when done in good taste.




4. Try online platforms.

Not all of us are confident in person. "If you find yourself struggling to make friends in real life then try going online," says Mental Health America.


Join a Facebook group that supports your interest and slowly start to build relationships there. You can also hop on social platforms to reconnect with old friends and family you haven't talked to in a while.

It's easy to get caught up in life and isolate yourself, but humans are social beings who are meant to thrive in relationships. Setting aside just half an hour a day to connect with others can not only help you succeed in life but thrive as well.

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Marielisa Reyes is a writer with a bachelor's degree in psychology who covers self-help, relationships, career, and family topics.