6 Things You Need To Do To Have A Stronger Relationship

Building a healthy emotional bond with your partner is so important!

How To Have A Healthy Relationship And Build A Strong Emotional Connection With Your Partner unsplash / lauren rader

By Nicole Gray

I’ve been in an emotionally strong relationship for nearly 5 years now.

Most of the moments we’ve shared together have been worth remembering. Moreover, I feel privileged for the time I spend with my boyfriend.

However, during these 5 years, we’ve had our downs (like any couple has). 

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From everyday inconveniences to serious health conditions, we’ve overcome a lot of difficult moments and became stronger.

Here are six secrets my boyfriend and I have discovered through the course of our relationship that have helped us have a healthy relationship and remain emotionally strong and connected.

1. Remember that honesty is always the best policy.

Being honest with your partner is a crucial part of any successful relationship.

A big part of this is talking to your partner and being open about the difficulties that you’re facing.

You must let each other know how things are impacting you since it’s nothing to be ashamed about.


2. Don’t feel ashamed to become emotional.

Don’t feel ashamed to display emotions about the on-goings of your lives.

Sometimes, we view emotions such as crying and being upset as a form of weakness.

This is particularly true for men, who fear that it will emasculate them. 

Sometimes, it can really help you process certain events and you may feel better about things by venting to your partner.

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3. Work as a team to keep your relationship strong.

Work together to maintain your relationship on an emotional, spiritual, and mental level, not just physical.


Relationships should definitely not be focused on just one aspect of these.

Therefore, it should be a combination of different spheres that make up your relationship.

It shouldn’t be just about sex.

4. Set boundaries for your relationship.

Have an open discussion with your partner about what boundaries you both want to set within your relationship.

Furthermore, discuss what you both deem to be acceptable and unacceptable in your relationship.

Don’t be scared to be truthful with your partner.

This, in turn, can lead to your partner unwillingly hurting you, since you didn’t have an open communication channel. 

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5. Discover who you are as a person.

Find out who you both are as people outside of your relationship.

Assess who you are as a person in different scenarios, for example with your friends, family, or at work.

It’s important to discover who you are, because if you don’t know who you are as a person, you can’t be truthful with your partner.

6. Realize that we’re only human and we all have flaws.

Accept that both you and your partner are only human and nobody is perfect.

You both will have some flaws and you will also make mistakes in and outside of your relationship.


Talk things through with your partner and come up with ways to not let your flaws take over your relationship.

Moreover, come up with different ways to overcome these shortcomings in order to help your relationship continue to blossom.

These are just some different ways our relationship remains strong.

These tips helped my boyfriend and I be emotionally strong and grow together.

Nevertheless, it’s always a work in process, and we’re still working towards bettering our relationship and making things continue to work as best as they can.

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Nicole Gray is a writer who focuses on relationships, dating, and love. For more of her relationship content, visit her author profile on Unwritten.