15 Men Reveal What Really Makes A Woman A Good Kisser

Not everyone reacts to kissing in the same way.

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While kissing isn't something I used to discuss with other girls my age when I was younger, it was something thoroughly covered in movies and in magazines that I inhaled.

There were tips for how to kiss a girl, keeping your lips well-conditioned and in optimal kissing shape.

There were lists of different techniques you could use while kissing to "drive him wild." There were all of those moments on the big screen when two people are slowly drawn to each other as if by magnets and their lips meet and the world seemed to stop. I wanted that more than anything else in the world. 


None of that changed when I actually started kissing, either. It took me a few smooches to figure out what I was doing, but then there was no looking back. Along my journey through mouth mountain, I learned something that kind of shocked me: not every man out there loves kissing. In fact, some men don't even like it!

You can imagine my reaction when a man asked his fellow dudes on the subreddit AskMen what they really felt about kissing. I had to read their thoughts, and what men think about kissing will legitimately surprise you. 

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Here 15 men reveal what really makes a woman a good kisser:

1. Don't get too close

"I have a weird thing where I hate when people are in my face. Sometimes I don't care. Subconsciously I probably think my breath stinks and I don't want you to smell it."

2. Hate the game, not the kisser

"I don't enjoy kissing because people judge you too hard for it. Excuse me, but some people grew up home-schooled and never got the chance to learn how to kiss a girl."

3. It's the ultimate foreplay

"Love it, it's my favorite kind of intimacy."

4. It's part of the process

"Depends on how long. It's fine for, like, 5-10 minutes as we're progressing to something else, but to just be kissing for much longer, that is boring to me."


5. It's cool minus the tongue

"Some people don't enjoy kissing. I'm a huge fan, but I can go without tongue and be okay."

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6. It has the potential to drive you wild

"I love it. Also like snuggling/cuddling. Oddly I don't like prolonged hugs. I don't know why. My fiance thinks it's weird though."

7. Some people can make out for hours

"Making out is amazing."

8. Only kiss someone you care about

"I don't like kissing people I don't have feelings for. Sure, it's part of the game, but if we're FWBs, I just don't find pleasure in it. So if we're not together I can probably say no, I wouldn't really enjoy it."


9. You can grow to love it

"I didn't for a long time because my mom used to make me kiss her on the mouth to show she 'loved' me. Hated it. Wasn't until I started dating regularly that I really grew to love it."

10. It's too messy

"My girlfriend always has Burt's Bees on her lips and it gets in my 'stache and beard. Yuck."

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11. It can get boring, fast

"I don't really get into a 'trance' or something when kissing. It's more/less something I need to do to progress into further stages. I dated a woman who loved, loved, loved to kiss, and would zone completely out when making out. She hated when I'd stop and kiss other parts of her since she just wanted lip-to-lip contact 100 percent of the time, but I get bored."


12. It's an elegant dance

"I love kissing, though I haven't done it much. As far as I have learned, it's like dancing: one leads and one follows then it turns into improvised dancing where each person changes it up and the other follows."

13. The only people who hate it aren't good at it

"I think that most people that don't enjoy it aren't good at it. That's not to say if you're not experienced you're bad at it. Everybody you date is probably going to kiss differently. What matters is that you don't get all excited and then become the equivalent of an octopus trying to suck the meat out of an oyster.

Don't go all in; your teeth aren't supposed to touch. The objective is not to ram your tongue down her throat. Just let her do her thing and try to work with it. You also aren't sucking face 100 percent of the time. It's more of an ebb-and-flow, so 'listen' to what she's doing (body language-wise). Sometimes it takes a little while to get used to each other, but eventually, you'll get there."


14. Be the king of the make-outs

"I really enjoy it actually. One of my past girlfriends said I was the only guy that really knew how to kiss a girl and make her feel good. I can't imagine some people out there genuinely not enjoying kissing."

15. It's awful.

"Yeah, I really don't enjoy it. Especially tongues. If I wanted any part of me in someone's mouth I would have trained as a dentist."

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