Men Reveal The 4 Sexiest Qualities A Woman Can Have

The real deal about what men think is sexy.

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You may think you know men (after all, you've been dating them for long enough), but have you ever stopped to wonder what guys find sexy? Besides a killer body and a great personality, what makes them tick? And how do you tell if a guy likes you?

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Men reveal the 4 sexiest qualities a woman can have:

1. The number one thing is confidence

It’s the energy of being comfortable in your skin. One of the things men find most sexy is when a woman confidently smiles at them. Because they take it as their ability to make you smile. It is a very sexy thing to have the ability to let your confidence lead the way for them to make you happy and give you that spark.


2. When you let him feel virile and masculine

When you can create a situation where you allow him to feel like a man by stepping fully into being a woman, it’s sexy. A really attractive quality is receptivity. When a woman allows a man to provide for her or give to her, and I don’t necessarily mean financially, just provide like, “Can I take you out for dinner?” “Can I run this errand for you?”, “Can I pick this up for you on my way home?”


We’ve gotten so used to being independent and self-sufficient — “No, no, no, you don’t have to do that for me, I can do it for myself.” It makes men feel like they can’t do anything for you, “Why am I around if I can’t contribute to your life?”

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3. You are sexy because you love being a woman

I like being a woman because I like him being a man. Celebrating your femininity is super sexy. Part of femininity goes back to receiving. But, there’s a difference between receiving and taking. Many women struggle with receiving a lot of times because it means you have to be vulnerable, and it means you’re not independent enough. You are allowing men to do things for you.

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It’s like there are two camps: Gold digger or taker versus a woman who’s in her power and still is allowed to receive and give. We lack this paradigm in our culture, where we can be independent and dependent at the same time. We have a Hercules mentality where we must do it all ourselves, and there’s no OK-ness about being independent and self-sufficient but also being dependent.

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4. Vulnerability is not weak, it's sexy

Sometimes, women get afraid they’re going to appear to be weak or feel weak and vulnerable, but vulnerability can be sexy. It’s vulnerability and feeling safe in that vulnerability that’s being independent and dependent. Men find this kind of confidence sexy, and they find it sexy when women allow them to be men.

Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman asked YourTango Experts Kimberly Seltzer, Lisa Steadman, Laura Campbell, and Danielle Dowling all agreed one of the things men notice most about women is their confidence in themselves. Women who embrace their femininity allow men to feel strong and virile.


"There's a difference between receiving and taking," Steadman says. "Women have a struggle receiving because that means you have to be vulnerable." Women tend to fear that vulnerability equals weakness, but the guys don't see it that way!

Check out the video of the full conversation between YourTango experts.

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