Man Shares The 5 Things A Good Husband Or Boyfriend Should Never Let The Woman He Loves Do

Women love a true gentleman.

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In today’s generation, many people advocate for eliminating the age-old gender roles partners play in their relationships. Relationships are a two-way street, and both partners should mutually support and take care of each other, regardless of their traditional roles. 

However, there are certain responsibilities a true gentleman should always take initiative of. It’s common courtesy, and will make a woman feel valued and respected


One man shared five simple but impactful ways a good man takes care of the woman he loves.  

On TikTok, a man named Melvin explained the things a woman “should never have to do” in a marriage or relationship. Stepping up to take care of these actions will truly make a difference in your relationship.



1. Pump her gas for her

It's uncomfortable enough for women to stop at a gas station and pump their own gas when they’re alone, but to have their partner watch them do this from the passenger seat is a new low. It’s a small gesture, but women will be eternally grateful for a partner who consistently pumps her gas for her anytime they're together. 


Doing this will save her the discomfort and make her feel taken care of.

2. Take the trash out for her

“If you spend a night at your girl’s house, and you wake up in the morning and you notice the garbage is full, take the initiative and take that garbage out,” Melvin said.



Women have been made responsible for domestic responsibilities for enough generations, and making the effort to always take out the trash will serve as a relief for her. Women love nothing more than being shown love through acts of service. 


“Your wife should not be willing garbage cans to the street, that's your job to do that the night before,” Melvin added.

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3. Inspect her car’s maintenance

Regardless of a woman’s level of knowledge of her car’s maintenance, because there are car savvy girls out there, it doesn’t hurt to offer additional attention to ensure her vehicle is safe and free of any problems.



For women who don’t drive their cars too often, Melvin suggested immediately rectifying any issue she brings to your attention. For women who do use their cars daily, Melvin advised men to inspect their cars at least once a week to make sure everything is running smoothly.


4. Always open the door for her

This is such a simple gesture, but doing this will truly impact how a woman feels.

Melvin explained how it’s imperative for husbands and boyfriends to open the car door and assist their ladies into and out of the vehicle. Doing this will not only make them feel safe and secure, but they will feel loved and taken care of. 

Man Shares The 5 Things A Good Husband Or Boyfriend Should Never Let The Woman He Loves DoPhoto: antoniodiaz / Shutterstock


This same rule applies to any door a woman needs to enter — as her partner, make sure to open the door for her and treat her with the respect she deserves.

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5. Take care of outside maintenance

Melvin advised men to make sure they take care of all the outdoor maintenance, such as cutting grass, blowing and raking leaves, and shoveling snow. 

Unless a woman chooses to work outside and garden out of her own leisure, she should not be responsible for taking care of these forms of manual labor on her own, let alone at all.  

If you are both too busy, consider hiring a landscaper, or take time during your free time to get it done, but never expect your woman to handle it herself.  


A true gentleman will know when to take initiative. 

In essence, every woman deserves a gentleman who will consider their needs and look after them in a way no one else does. The list goes beyond helping out with car troubles and taking out the trash; it’s the little acts of love that make a difference. 

“Don't expect a girl that you're dating, your girlfriend, or your wife, to be feminine if you have her doing masculine things,” Melvin advised.

A woman feels safe and appreciated when she can count on her partner to be there for her and step up through acts of service. It reassures her that chivalry is not dead.

Every relationship is different, so it’s important to discuss what responsibilities you each want to take care of, but a gentleman should always know how to provide for a woman without needing to be asked. 


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