If He Says These 13 Things, Your Guy Is A Total Keeper

Words matter, and the right ones from the right guy can change your life.

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You've dated for months or maybe longer. Your new man seems like a perfect match for you. 

But how can you know for sure? You don't want to waste your time with the wrong guy, and lately, your radar has been off.

Perhaps he's the quiet type. It appears that he cares for you based on his actions. Still, what he says matters and every word is like a breadcrumb leading to the big prize: you.

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If he says these thirteen things, your guy is total keeper:

1. 'You are beautiful —  inside and out'

My boyfriend said this to me early on in our relationship and my heart melted. Let the other guys go solely for looks; your guy appreciates everything about you.


2. 'I love your smile'

This is the man who will want to spend his entire life trying to make you smile over and over again.

3. 'Here’s my take'

If your man is willing to give you his honest perspective on a tricky situation, or the new dress you bought, you want to hear it (well, mostly). He cares that much. 

And, he doesn't expect you to fall in line. He knows you have your own fantastic mind and you are the one best equipped to know what's right for you.

4. 'What do you think?'

Your beau asks your opinion because it matters to him. You matter to him.

This inquiry shows that he respects you. If he asks this question for the little things that come up, he will ask it for the bigger ones that will arise later on, too. He considers you his partner.


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5. 'I support you'

He is not you, and he is not going to always agree with your course of action. At the same time, if he can stand by you and your decisions, you've got one awesome guy.

6. 'I'm sorry'

It takes a genuinely humble man to admit his mistakes. If it's clear that he's learned from the experience, snatch him up for good.

You want someone who isn't going to cover up his flaws, someone comfortable in his skin, willing to grow, and to become a better person.

7. 'You look hot!'

Even though you need to know he loves you for your personality, compliments like these will keep your relationship exciting. Face it; you want to feel desired and gorgeous. Bonus points if he says this when you're in your pajamas, looking disheveled!


8. 'You’ve got this!'

Whether it's a big presentation at work or a stressful conversation you're anticipating with a family member, your man knows you are a confident and capable woman. He sees it and so should you. He's your biggest cheerleader. 

Your brilliant guy knows that both pushing and encouraging you will help you realize your hopes and dreams. And when you do, he'll be right there celebrating with you.

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9. 'I've got this'

When you're sick in bed with a fever, or you're up to your neck in deadlines, laundry, or child-rearing, he tells you not to worry about a thing. 


An extraordinary man will prioritize your self-care over his. He's not concerned about a shopping list the length of his arm or even mopping up your vomit. 

He's lessening your burdens and you are the luckiest girl around.

10. 'You're hilarious'

Your boyfriend prioritizes fun. Secondly, he thinks you bring it to him. 

Laughter is a great stress reliever, also. Couples who laugh together, stay together. And who doesn't want a lifetime of lightness and joy?

11. 'I trust you'

Trust is a massive deal to guys. If your man can be vulnerable with you and confide his deepest desires and secrets, you're set to build an unbreakable bond. What you'll get with this guy is a heart connection. 


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12. 'I love you'

It may go without saying that he should tell you this. Even so, declaring those three little words makes a difference to you. 

He doesn't have to say it every day. But he does have to say it when it counts — and with ease.


13. 'I know'

With this statement, he is acknowledging your feelings. He gets you like no other, and he's there for you with compassion you've never experienced before.

After saying "I know", nothing else needs to be said. Instead, a touch, a squeeze of your hand, or a drying of a tear, those speak volumes. This man will be there when you've suffered a major disappointment or loss, in your most emotional, painful hour.

If your guy routinely uses these expressions, congratulations! You've hit the jackpot with this man. Stick with him, and you are destined to have a bright future together. 

If not, don't give up on your new boyfriend just yet. Listen to him a little closer before you show him the door. Give him a chance to reveal further that he is either worthy of being yours or better off with someone else.


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Lisa Petsinis is a certified life and career coach who works with burnt-out individuals to reconnect to what matters, find their perfect work, and create more joy, meaning, and success.