How To Flirt With A Guy So He Can’t Get You Off His Mind

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Wondering how to flirt with a guy so that he can't get you off his mind?

Even with the best flirting tips, attracting a guy can be nerve-wracking. 

Picture this: you are out having drinks with a friend, and you smile at a beautiful human on the sidewalk through the window.

They smile back. And, as luck would have it, they come in and sit at the bar with their friend. Your friend encourages you to go flirt with them.

But instead, you freeze.  You chalk it up to a long, harsh winter, and just generally being out of practice when it comes to learning how to get a guy to like you. 

Know this: this happens to the best of us. Even the most flirty, confident humans in this universe will have a hard time figuring out how to flirt and then have moments of regret.

Moments when they realize that dating can be overwhelming, flirting seems to be fraught with rejection, and that talking to strangers is terrifying.

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Not to worry! I am here to help pull you all out of the winter funk and develop some romantic attraction so he can fall for you.

Take the above scenario as a learning opportunity, an inspiration, and a reminder to enter spring refreshed and realigned with your values, confidence, and flirtatious energy. 

Let us all refuse to live our lives in fear of rejection and take the power back.

Let us get off of our phones and remember how to flirt with a guy in real life. 

With that, here are 5 attractive ways to flirt so a guy can't get you off his mind:

1. Write an "I saw you" or a "Missed Connection."

This one is perhaps my favorite introduction back into the world of flirting because there is zero chance of rejection.

If you don't get a response, you can simply say that they did not see the post. But you put yourself out there. No harm, no foul.

2. Write your number on a receipt at a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar.

This one is a little bit bolder, more forward, and more obvious. But, if you never put yourself out there, you just never know.

I can tell you from experience that I always regret the times that I do nothing. I never regret trying and being rejected. 

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3. Pay someone a genuine compliment.

Flirting need not be reserved for people you want to date, or even make out with.

You can flirt with anyone whose energy you find alluring. Tell someone on the street that you like their shoes, or their jacket, or their hair.

This works best if you compliment folks of your own gender, so as to not make anyone uncomfortable.

This is best done in passing, with no need for reciprocation or even conversation.

Simply give them a gentle compliment and a smile before proceeding on your way. 

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4. Go dancing.

This is good for any and all excess flirtatious energy. No need for the involvement of another participating party.

Just go out, and move your body around to music that you find pleasing.

It will shift all of that stuck energy from the winter and reawaken the parts of yourself that you had forgotten about. 

5. Talk to the person you just smiled at.

Maybe this is just a reminder for myself, but really: go talk to people.

Especially the ones who smile back. What have you got to lose, except maybe a few minutes of your life, and momentary hurt feelings if they do not want to talk to you?

Make life a little bit lighter with some sweet, gentle flirting. The sun is back, the flowers are blooming, and we are all coming out of hibernation.

Let's use this time to celebrate life, love, and new relationship energy. 

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Celeste Seiferling is a counselor, sex educator, and relationship coach. She is currently studying dance/movement therapy, coaching gymnastics, and working as an addiction counselor. 

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