12 Harsh Signs You're Burned Out By Love (And Need To Take A Break)

Love isn't for everyone.

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If there’s one thing I’m very well acquainted with, it’s having love burnout. It’s that point where your entire mind, body, and soul are all begging you to stop trying to find Mr. Right.

Love burnout is real, and if you’re dealing with it, you need to stop dating people.

If you are dealing with any of these signs, stop talking to people on Tinder. You’re burned out on love to the point of extra crispy and you’re not helping yourself look good.


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Here are 12 harsh signs you're burned out by love, and need to take a break:

1. You want to fly into a rage and start screaming whenever you see a happy couple, a wedding ad, or a text rejecting you

It sucks, I know. Love sucks because it’s some sort of weird, rare thing that we’re told will happen to us within a certain timeframe, and it doesn’t always happen. I personally know this feeling, so trust me, you’re not alone. It happens. When it happens, you need to stop trying.


2. You’re at the point where you’d knowingly go into an emotionally abusive relationship just to be with someone

Yes, this can happen to people out there and I’ve personally witnessed it happening. Unless you are okay with ending up in a body bag or ending up alone with worse health, you’ll avoid this.

3. You sneer when you hear girls talk about the “wonderful guy” they’re seeing

If you’ve ever had to fight the urge to go, “Yeah, pfft, sure he’s good,” you have a serious case of burnout. You can’t be that cynical and expect good things to happen in your love life.

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4. The idea of going on a date, going on Tinder, or even hitting up a club physically exhausts you

When you’re burned out on love, the things that once got you excited to wake up in the morning turn into frustrating, aggravating chores. If you literally have to talk yourself into swiping right, you’re fried to a crisp.

5. Instead of going out with friends, you opt for staying at home — solo

This is different if you’re an introvert, obviously. But if you’re an extrovert and you no longer want to hang out, it may actually be a sign that your hopeless vibe in dating has actually spread to other parts of your life. Misery is contagious, you know.


6. You’ve become extremely jealous or have even gone so far as to break couples up for fun

Oh, sweetie. If you’re doing this, you have a lot more issues than dating burnout going on. You’re dealing with some seriously messed up ways of coping with the hurt.

7. You’re desperate to the point that you’ll date anyone

I have been there. This is a great, wonderful way to lose money, time, and sanity. It’s also a great way to have people lose respect for you, even though what you really want isn’t that insane.

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8. People have told you you may need to take a break or have asked, “Why do you need a man, anyway?”

By the time people get to the point that they pull you aside to talk to you, you have a major problem and you’ve probably made a major scene. I’ve been there too and I know how bad that is. Just try to take a deep breath and give up.


9. You’ve begun to self-medicate because your love life is so depressing

This doesn’t make it healthy, nor does it make it a good idea. Unless you’re okay with spending hundreds of dollars per month on your alcohol problem, you’ll stop this.

10. You've stopped online dating and made up excuses on why people shouldn't play Wingman

This is the biggest sign that you have love burnout. When you just can’t anymore, you’re done. Finito. Kaput.

11. You’ve considered forcing someone to stay with you

This is the point where I’m going to bop you on the nose with a newspaper and yell “NO!” This is not only unhealthy, this is downright cruel. While you may not think this is such a bad thing, the truth is that this is still a form of rape. Don’t do it.


12. You don’t think there’s anyone out there for you

I can assure you as someone who has all but abandoned the thought of a man ever proposing, you’re not alone. And it’s also a sign that you’re just as burned out as I am. I’m sorry you have to feel this way. It sucks, but at least we can be good to ourselves.

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