Guy Finds Out He's A Match To Donate A Kidney To His Girlfriend's Dad — And Actually Follows Through

A heartwarming story that illustrates the importance of not settling for less in a relationship.

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Never settle for less than what you deserve. One woman proved that she certainly did not after she revealed how her boyfriend (now fiancé!) went above and beyond for her sick father. 

Now, the two are forever bonded, as the woman’s father not only gained a new son-in-law but also a new kidney. 

The woman’s boyfriend discovered that he was a match when her father needed a kidney transplant, and graciously donated it to him. 

Jen Sounter may have just scored the future husband jackpot. When she and her family learned that her father needed a kidney transplant, everyone in the family, including her boyfriend Brian, got tested to determine if they were a match. 


While none of the biological relatives were, Brian discovered that he was! For him, it was a no-brainer. Of course, he would donate his kidney to Jen’s father. They decided to surprise him with the news that Brian was a match over dinner at a restaurant, and his reaction was priceless. 



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Brian and Jen handed her father a card, to which he jokingly asked if there was money inside. 

Instead, he discovered something much more valuable. The outside of the card read, “You’ve got to be kidneying me! We’re a match!” along with a drawing of two kidneys. “That’s unbelievable! Thank you so much!” Jen's dad said as he hugged Brian tightly. 

Thankfully, the transplant which took place a few months later, was a success and both donor and recipient made a great recovery! 



A heartwarming video shared by Jen showed the two men after the procedure walking side by side in the hospital hallway, matching IV poles and everything! 


According to Jen, Brian's good deeds have gone well beyond just donating organs. 

“I don’t have a normal boyfriend. I have Brian,” she revealed in another video gushing over her man. 

“Brian waited for me to be ready to date after a hard breakup. Brian always tells me he loves me more. Brian is donating a kidney to my dad. Brian never lets me forget how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. Brian would literally do anything to make me happy. Everyone deserves a Brian.” 



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Brian was not just Jen’s boyfriend anymore either. He popped the question in front of their new home, and obviously, her family approved and welcomed him with open arms! He was already an unforgettable member of the family, after all. 

When it comes to choosing a partner, never settle for anyone who does less than Brian. 

Everyone deserves a relationship where their partner not only meets their emotional needs and understands them on a deeper level but also is someone who treats their family with the same respect they treat their partner. 

Although Brian never failed to let Jen know just how much he loved her, his actions were even louder than his words. Undergoing surgery to have an organ removed, spending days in a hospital, and missing work during the recovery period screamed and echoed “I love you!” 


Guy finds out he's a match to donate a kidney to his girlfriend's dadPhoto: Syda Productions / Canva Pro

You do not have to donate organs to demonstrate your love for your significant other. Small gestures such as placing their slippers by the bed in the morning so they don't have to walk across the cold floor or buying ingredients to cook their favorite meal goes a long way. 

While no relationship is perfect, it's crucial to prioritize your self-worth and happiness by choosing a partner who aligns with your values and contributes positively to your life. 


It is safe to say that Jen has done exactly that! 

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