The Golden Opportunity You Cannot Miss When Your Partner Is A Dog-Lover

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Couple hugging pretty dog

You've met someone new. It might be love. Great! What an exciting time.

But wait ... they own a dog. Not only that, but they also treat their dog like a member of the family. 

What if you don’t like pets and your new partner is a pet lover? What are you going to do?

Specifically, what if your partner loves a dog and you aren't particularly fond of dogs?

If you love your partner, if you think he or she could be "the one," you'll want to make an effort with the furry friend. It's a golden opportunity to express deep affection and appreciation for your partner, and maybe a way to change your perspective on animals!

How can you befriend your partner's dog?

Give space to your partner’s dog and make him your friend in the following ways.

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Make a good first impression.

When you go to your partner’s house don’t get panicked or ask your lover to take it away. Be calm, be friendly. Let the dog come and sniff the back of your hand — with your partner's permission.

If you behave in a friendly way toward it, then your relationship with the dog will certainly be off to a good start.

It will accept your friendly behaviour and will be convinced that you are a friend. The next time you go it will welcome you. This first step of your friendly behaviour with the dog will certainly improve the chances of a stronger bond being formed over time.

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Give that good dog a present!

Just as humans love gifts, animals also like it when someone brings their favourite item for them. Plan to bring either a chew toy or dog biscuits or anything that the dog likes the most — again, ask your partner first.

This will help the dog associate you with positive things like treats and toys and make it like your more. Your gift will confirm to the dog that you are someone who wants to be his friend.

And that will make your partner happy in turn.

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Get to know what the dog likes and dislikes.

When you go over to your partner's place, try to learn what the dog likes and definitely what they don't like. Do they like pets on their head? Scratches behind their ear? What kinds of treats do they like the most?

Once the dog is familiar with you a hand of love on its head or patting on its back may be appropriate, but you have to read the dog and figure out its boundaries.

As you enter your partner’s house, call the dog by his or her name and try to befriend it with a smile and a calm, friendly voiceto.

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Get the dog used to you.

To acclimate the dog to you and your scent, you'll need to spend a lot of time with both the dog and your partner. Go with your partner on a morning walk, or offer to take the dog out yourself. Say hello to people in the neighborhood who might be familiar and friendly with the dog already.

When you join others in spending time together, you will make the dog understand that you are his friend, too.

Once the dog is able to recognize you, his fear of you will evolve into more positive behavior.

These few key actions are a great start toward convincing your partner’s dog to like you. Eventually, he'll be your good friend and your relationship with your partner will certainly prosper.

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