5 Types Of Women Men Avoid

Some men just can't handle a certain type of woman.

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Women are fabulous, women are unique and women are beautiful. Some are confident, some are strong, some are shy and some are unsure of themselves. We all have something to offer and we all have great qualities.

But when it comes to dating and getting into a relationship, there are certain attributes and qualities that are more sought after than others, and some that men will absolutely try to avoid.


Why? Because some men just can't handle her being that way. In reality, it's a "he" problem, not a "she" problem. Proceed in the dating world accordingly, with a little guidance from the knowledge imparted below.

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Here are five types of women men avoid:

1. The talker

The talker simply does not stop saying things. She will talk to anyone who will listen or pretends to listen about anything and everything. She has no listening skills herself and actually exhausts men with her constant talking.

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2. The fortune hunter

The fortune hunter is trying to get her hand in a man’s wallet. She doesn’t care about his fascinating company or love him for who he is. She is on the prowl for a poor sod to fund her lifestyle without her having to work for it herself.

3. The aloof beauty

The aloof beauty is gorgeous to look at but when she opens her mouth it becomes apparent that she should have kept it closed. She has no clue as to what’s happening in the world since her attention is focused on the latest celebrity breakups or fashion trends.


This type of woman might be perceived as a liability to a certain type of social climber, or a man who is less concerned with looks than brains.

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4. The know-it-all

The know-it-all is an intelligent woman who wants men to respect her for her accomplishments and for climbing the corporate ladder.

She is tough as nails in and out of the office and doesn’t take garbage from anyone, especially men. She has lost that soft and sexy touch of femininity that men just love. Therefore, she scares off insecure men

5. The serial dater

The serial dater has dates lined up three to five nights per week. She is signed up with all of the dating services in town and all of the ones online as well. She makes sure that the men she goes out with know that she is “in demand” and has a lot of guys chasing her.


Men find this a turn-off and don’t want to compete with the whole city to spend some time with her.

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Marla Martenson is a transformational life coach, matchmaker, author & tarot reader.