The DoorDash Test That Can Predict If You're With Your Soulmate

Let your partner know how much you care with one simple trick.

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We spend most of our lives looking for The One, searching for the person who makes us laugh, who holds us when we cry, the person who just gets us. There’s no better feeling than being truly, fully seen by someone else.

On our quest for love, we’re likely to encounter some false starts: people with whom we think we’re meant to be but who end up letting us down. Luckily, there’s a foolproof way to know if the person you’re dating is someone you should build a future with.


The DoorDash test can predict if you’re with your soulmate.

Some couples compare birth charts to see if their stars are aligned. Others rely on their chosen love languages to know if they’re well-matched.

Yet people who have high emotional intelligence do one specific thing: They order DoorDash.

As one hungry woman explained, her husband “cracked the code” to understand her deepest desires.

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She told a tale as old as time, one that couples everywhere can relate to: Her husband came home from work, decided to order takeout, and then asked her what she wanted to eat.

Yet the woman had already eaten, so she wasn’t actually hungry, which is where her story gets complicated. She said that she didn’t want him to order her any food.

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Her husband kept insisting that she order something. She kept refusing, telling him, “I’m good, babe, I promise, I’m good, I’m fine.”

When a person tells you how they feel, it's best to take what they say at face-value. If someone says they're fine, they're probably fine, unless they're actually hungry.

There are endless compatibility tests to discover your soulmate, but the DoorDash test is the gold standard.

20 minutes later, the doorbell rang. DoorDash showed up, and the woman questioned all of her life choices.

His food, of course, smells delicious,” she said. “The regret sits into my soul and I don’t say a thing because I made my bed, I need to lie in it.”


The next move her husband made proved that he was her soulmate, in the earthly realm and beyond.

couple eating dinner Anna Pou / Pexels

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The first thing he pulled out from the DoorDash bag was a burrito that he ordered, just for her.


“I know what ‘I’m fine’ means,’” her husband explained. “It means, ‘I’m gonna be hungry when my food gets here,’ and ‘No, I’m okay,’ means ‘Just a bean and cheese burrito.’ It always means ‘A bean and cheese burrito.’”

“He’s not wrong,” the woman declared.

Most times in life, it’s easiest to say exactly what we mean to get our needs met.

Taking people at their word is a valuable practice, one that eliminates the guessing game and opens up a direct line of expressing what you want.


No person is a mind-reader, and relying on a passive-aggressive style of communication just leads to misunderstanding and heartache.

But those rules don't apply when you’ve already eaten dinner, and your partner is planning to order takeout.

So, the next time you’re scrolling DoorDash, deciding what you want to eat, don’t forget to add a little something extra for the loved one who said they weren't hungry, when really, you know, deep down, they’re always hungry.


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