10 Dirty Little Dating Secrets Men Keep

He may be hiding more than you think.

Last updated on Mar 22, 2024

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It's time to disclose some of the tastiest tidbits about the inner workings of the cis-het man on the dating scene.

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Here are 10 dirty little dating secrets men keep:

1. Most men are insecure.

Many ladies say they'd have a field day with women if they were guys. Maybe, but guys don’t think like women, and at times, they are clueless about gender differences.


When a guy approaches a woman he's attracted to, it shows. This can give you the upper hand but it also makes a guy both nervous and excited. His fear is a warning sign for many women. So the hamster wheel of male insecurity rolls on.

2. Many men like women to give signals

Men aren't always great at reading the signals that ladies give off, and they appreciate it when you let them know you like them by a touch on the arm or a smoldering glance. It's easy stuff, and it works.


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3. A lot of men don’t pay attention.

Success with women is about little things, but men are about making things happen. You tell a guy about your day, he wants to solve your problems. He thinks he’s helping while you roll your eyes. Make him pay attention by any means possible.

4. A majority of guys are visual.

No surprise. So save the sweatpants for after you’re living together.

he is kind of clueless


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5. Some men need appreciation for their sense of humor.

If you dig him, you probably already think he’s clever. If you don’t "get" his sense of humor, you might as well move on unless he enrolls in clown school.

6. When a guy says he’ll call, he usually means it.

Men are usually honest about this, but they are easily distracted. If he says he’ll call, consider asking him when. At least that etches you into his subconscious. And if he doesn’t call, forget him. You deserve better.



7. Timing is everything.

Whether it takes two or two hundred dates, the two of you will know when it’s time. However, if you hop into bed too quickly, in the back of his mind he’s wondering how many times you’ve been this naughty while ignoring his promiscuity and just saying.


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8. The way to his heart is through his stomach.

It doesn’t necessarily matter if you can cook up a storm, but most men love to chow down. It’s what we do. Make that work for you the best you can.

9. He wants a lady he can take home to Mom.

Sure, he’ll happily spin you around like a top in bed and come back for more if that’s all you want, but ultimately he will want to introduce you to his friends, family, and business colleagues.



10. A good man doesn't want you to change.

Be the best version of you, and he’ll be a happy fella. And if not, the door is that way.


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Robert Manni is the author of The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love. He is also a contributor to Huffington Post, Gal Time, Straight Up Love, Cupid’s Pulse, and Knowmore.tv