4 Different Types Of Hugs Men Give & What Each One Says About His Feelings For You

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There's no better way to read between the lines of a man's grip than by paying attention to the way he hugs you. Different types of hugs serve as a sort of gauge of human emotions.

For example, weak, halfhearted hugs are disappointing and can demonstrate that someone is only with you out of obligation or because they're looking for a distraction. And the hug that goes from friendly to "let's get a room" in two seconds flat is one we should all be interested in understanding better.

If you aren't sure how the object of your affection feels about you, you can learn what different types of hugs men give actually say about his true feelings towards you. Where does your relationship stand? Get a better sense of how a guy truly feels based on the types of hugs the two of you share.

Here are 4 different types of hugs men give, and what each one reveals about his feelings for you.

1. Friendly Hug

A friendly hugs may be longer than a "hello" hug between friends, but the "we're just friends" variety works like this: Your arms go below his shoulders while his go around yours. His hands may wander if you stay long enough, but really shouldn't go beyond your mid-back or upper arms.

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There may be a quick peck on the cheek, which is used in many cultures as a way to express affection between friends or family members. But in the romantic sense, you can further analyze a cheek kiss from him based on previous hugs between you two, or if he kisses other girls the same way.

A longer hug rarely means anything beyond friendship, especially if one of you is comforting the other. However, sometimes it can have a deeper meaning attached to it.

2. Heart-to-Heart Hug

If the friendly hug gets even more intimate, there may be something deeper behind it. When chests touch while both people hug each other's shoulders, it's considered a heart-to-heart hug.

In this type of hug, both people tend to embrace with their left sides, as this enables their hearts to "touch." Many romantic couples have heart-to-heart hugs as a way of being intimate. But if the guy you're into does this type of hug with you, there may be more to his embrace.



Heart-to-heart hugs that last at least 20 seconds lead to the release of oxytocin, the love hormone responsible for bonding. But also pay attention to where his hands are during the hug. If hands wander longer and farther than normal, it's probably not your imagination.

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3. Long Hug

Whether you're in a relationship or not with this guy you like, if there is lower-body contact, you two have either already been intimate or will be very soon. The long hug is one that lasts longer than a few seconds; it may go on for as long as a minute and feel like there's a lingering chemistry between you two.

While long hugs are normal among friends, in a romantic context, a long hug occurs when one or both participants hold the other person in their arms, hold on tight, and may even have their hands linger on the other's neck.



While men don't tend to be emotionally vulnerable, especially not verbally, a long hug from a guy you're attracted to may be his way of showing his feelings. It's his way of telling you that he wants to be physically close to you and doesn't want you to let him go.

As such, longer and tighter hugs signal intense feelings, and they demonstrate commitment when done in public.

4. Hug From Behind

A hug from behind involves one person standing behind the other, with the backside of the person in front touching the frontside of the person behind. The person behind then wraps their arms around the other individual's chest or stomach, and hugs them.

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When a guy hugs you from behind, there's no doubt that he's romantically interested in you. A hug from behind can mean many things, including that he wants to comfort you, he cares deeply for you, or that he trusts you. This hug is very intimate and, as such, is a way for him to communicate all these feelings.

If he hugs you from behind, you can feel his affection just by the way he wraps his arms around you and holds tight. They may rock you from side to side or press their face on your neck or back to get even closer.

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