A Daughter Shares What Her Dad Did On His Last Christmas On Earth To Show His Wife He Loved Her

Capture the moments this holiday season. You'll never know what they'll mean to you in the future.

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For many of us, the holiday season is an exciting time when we can connect with our loved ones. For others, the holidays are a painful reminder that some of their loved ones are no longer here, and the season marks another year without them. 

Those of us who have lost loved ones often look back on the last holiday we were able to have with them, the memories still vivid in many of our minds. One woman was fortunate enough to be able to capture a heartwarming moment between her mother and father on what was unbeknownst to them, her father’s last Christmas. 


The woman recorded a video of her mother and father dancing together along to Christmas music six months before he passed away. 

The woman, who goes by @madmnc on TikTok, explained that her parents had “the truest form of love” for each other and had been married for 43 years before her father’s health began to decline. 

When he became ill, the woman’s mother admitted that she would miss dancing with her husband. 

On Christmas Day in 2017, as her mother stood in the living room wearing a Santa hat, the woman’s father decided to use some of the remaining strength he had to invite her to dance, just like they used to when they were young. 




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“Thinking of my Dad’s last Christmas ever on Earth when he took off his oxygen and danced with my mom because it was what she missed most when he got sick,” the woman wrote in the text overlay of the video. 

The bittersweet video showed the couple in each other's arms, with the woman’s mother gazing up lovingly at her father, as the two held hands, shared a kiss, and swayed side to side to the song “So This Is Christmas.” 


The woman shared that she was “so lucky” to be able to witness her parents' “beautiful love story” in the comments section of the video. 

Daughter shares what her dad did on his last Christmas to show his wife he loved herPhoto: cottonbro studio / Canva Pro

Others shared their personal experiences of being present during the last months of their loved ones' lives and witnessing their final expressions of love.


“What a beautiful memory, I saw my parents kiss for the last time, it was outside and the sun shined over them. I lost my father the next day,” one TikTok user commented. “My dad used his last breaths to sing for my mom. She always wanted him to memorize a full song and sing for her. He did it four weeks before leaving,” another user wrote. 

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Nearly six months after she recorded them dancing together for the last time, her father suffered a fall that left him permanently unconscious. 

After they took him off of life support, her mother was able to be with him for his final moments. “She climbed up next to him and put her arms around him,” the woman shared in another video. “I stood behind her and held her in that bed with my knees… we stayed like that as long as she needed.” 



The woman’s father passed away on June 10, 2018. 


Even though this Christmas will mark the sixth one without him, it never gets easier seeing the empty chair every year where a loved one once was. 

So this holiday season, if you happen to witness a touching moment between your loved ones, you just may want to capture it on film to remember forever. 

You never know what kind of significance it will hold in the future. 


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