The 12 Best Bumble Prompts That Make Meeting ‘The One’ Easier

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If you’re on multiple dating apps, I’m willing to bet you’re on Bumble. Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps because it appeals to a diverse range of users, is super user-friendly, and is more likely to get you matches. One feature of Bumble that separates it from other swiping dating apps is its use of prompts in addition to your bio.

Bumble prompts offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality and wit as well as spark fun conversations. In this guide, we delve into the world of how to choose the best Bumble prompts and answers, providing insights into what makes for the best Bumble prompts.

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What are Bumble prompts?

Bumble prompts are short, thought-provoking questions or statements provided by the app that you can choose to include in your profile, separate from your bio. ​

The best Bumble prompts answers dive deeper into your niche interests, values, opinions, or personality quirks in fun and engaging ways. By answering these prompts, you can give your potential matches even more ways to start conversations with you.

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12 examples of the best Bumble prompts and answers:

These Bumble prompts have worked to spark engaging conversations for my clients. Remember, if this answer isn't accurate to you and who you are, you shouldn't use it! The key is to come up with answers like these and make them about you and keep it fun.

1. My real-life superpower is:

Being able to name every Best Picture nominee from the last 10 years. What's your guess for this year's winner?

2. It's meant to be if:

You can banter with Aaron Sorkin-like speed and precision (and are always down for a West Wing rewatch)



3. What gets me out of bed in the morning: 

Aspiring to reach Queen Bee on Spelling Bee. What's your ranking of the NYT games? (Crossword, sudoku, Wordle, Spelling Bee, Connections... and Tiles, I guess?)

4. I'm still not over: 

Missing the Presidential Fitness award by one pullup. I've joined a weekly ultimate frisbee league to prove I do have some athletic ability. If you come cheer for us, I'll buy you a drink and/or teach you some fancy frisbee-throwing tricks!

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5. A pro and con of dating me: 

Pro: Vast knowledge of 2-player card games to keep us entertained for hours; Con: very competitive about said card games.

6. My current obsession is: 

Wikipedia deep dives instead of Instagram scrolling. Go read the Wikipedia page for the novel Frankenstein and its iconic author and tell me that wasn't more fascinating and dramatic than seeing your college acquaintance's photos of visiting their in-laws!

7. I'm known for:

My vast knowledge of esoteric show tunes. Why do I need Gilbert & Sullivan lyrics taking up so much space in my brain? I don't know! Please tell me you also have a category of random useless trivia at your disposal!

8. I’m prioritizing my mental health by:

Regularly driving 70 on the highway, windows down, singing Motown at the top of my lungs. What’s your go-to car karaoke song?

9. My love language:

Playful debates. For example: string cheese. Which is the correct method of consumption, biting or peeling?

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10. What holds my attention:

Are there more windows or doors in the world? My niece asked me this, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. What’s your take?

11. What to get super excited about:

I get too excited about choosing playlists to perfectly accompany whatever cuisine I've cooked for dinner. You'd be shocked to learn how many songs have "shrimp" in the title!

12. Something I'm optimistic about:

I will accomplish my New Year's resolutions of walking 12,000 steps a day (any route recommendations?) and reading 35 books (what are you in the middle of reading right now?)

What makes a Bumble answer successful

The best Bumble answers are specific, positive, and conversation-starting.

For specificity, consider the difference between a generic statement like “I love traveling” versus a more specific one, like “My dream trip involves a culinary journey through Italy, sampling and ranking every known pasta shape.” Isn’t the latter so much more interesting? 

Plus, now your match can engage with you about a whole host of things: cooking lessons, favorite cuisines, past trips to Italy, favorite pasta shapes, and their travel dreams. By adding specifics, you’ve created an endless list of topics for your match to choose from!

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A positive tone in your Bumble answers is crucial. Remember, you want to project an image of someone who is fundamentally friendly and kind. For instance, instead of saying, “No drama, please,” try a more positive spin like “Seeking someone mature, thoughtful, and easy-going.”

Lastly, your Bumble answers should ideally serve as conversation starters. For example, after mentioning your favorite song to belt out during a drive, you could ask, “What’s the last song you sang along to in the car?”

Remember, the goal of these prompts is not only to reveal something about you… it’s really about making it as easy as possible for someone viewing your profile to respond.

These are just a few examples! There’s a world of creativity and individuality to express in Bumble prompts. There’s no excuse for starting a conversation with “Hey” anymore. We have too many resources to help you stand out from the crowd!

With the right Bumble prompts and well-crafted answers, you’ll have an utterly unique profile, attracting those who share your interests and values and kick-starting conversations that could lead to a lifetime with your perfect match.

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Alyssa Dineen is a dating coach and stylist with 20-plus years of experience. Alyssa started Style My Profile to help people entering the modern world of online dating increase their matches and meet quality partners with offerings like a DIY Profile Kit package and more.