The 4 Biggest 'Green Flags' To Look Out For When Dating On Hinge

There's a lot to be learned from the prompts on Hinge, if you know what you're looking for.

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We’ve talked a lot about red flags on dating apps… but knowing how to spot green flags is just as important! Let’s get into all the green flags I look for on Hinge.

Online dating can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack and cause serious frustration — but don’t be deterred! There are many positive signs to look for as you navigate the sea of profiles on Hinge.

Today, we unravel the mystery of spotting “green flags” on Hinge and offer some nuggets of wisdom on how to shine as a potential green flag to others. Let’s jump right in to help you have the greenest, most fruitful online dating experience on Hinge!


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Here are four of the biggest green flags you can find on the Hinge app

1. They use engaging and insightful prompts

​Hinge’s prompts give you a chance to display your character and passions. Be on the lookout for green flags in profiles where individuals have selected prompts that strike a chord with you. I always advise looking for prompts that invite a conversation, signifying the person’s readiness to engage and connect on a deeper level.


2. They have positive photos and energy

A picture is worth a thousand words, and positive vibes shine through. Green flags on Hinge consist of photos that radiate warmth, joy, and authenticity. Watch for genuine smiles, intriguing activities, and shared interests. Remember, visual hints can provide a wealth of information about a person’s personality and the potential for a meaningful connection.

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3. They use respectful and thoughtful communication

As you chat with your matches on Hinge, notice how they converse. Green flags entail writing respectful messages that display a genuine interest and effort to understand you better. This may be the biggest green flag: look for people who ask you questions!! It shows they’re friendly, genuinely interested in keeping the conversation going and getting to know you better, and that they will be a fun companion on a date (not one of those duds who can only talk about themselves!).

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4. They have matching relationship goals

If you are looking for a genuine relationship, a pivotal green flag on Hinge is finding someone whose relationship goals align with yours. Take note of people who respond quickly and earnestly, aren’t afraid to be open and vulnerable, and seem to share your values. People who play games or don’t ask questions or make you feel anything less than heard and understood aren’t the ones who are looking for something long-term.

Spotting green flags on Hinge—and avoiding the people who don’t display them—will help you (dare I say it?) love online dating.

It is possible!

You can traverse the Hinge terrain with confidence and self-assurance by being mindful of a few things, such as authentic profiles, engaging prompts, positive energy, respectful communication, and matching relationship goals.


Remember: the art of spotting green flags is reciprocal. Ensure you project yourself as a potential green flag by curating an honest profile, engaging in kind, thoughtful, and fun conversations, and expressing your true intentions.

With these insights and a dating expert like yours truly by your side, you'll meet someone on Hinge worthy of dating someone as awesome as YOU.

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Alyssa Dineen is a dating coach and stylist with 20-plus years of experience. Alyssa started Style My Profile to help people entering the modern world of online dating increase their matches and meet quality partners by perfecting their dating profiles.