11 Guys Reveal What Really Attracts Them To A Woman — Besides Looks

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I’d be lying if I said that guys don’t care about looks. They do, and they care about them way more than they should. However, that’s not all they care about. In fact, some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen are single because they can’t keep guys interested

In recent days, I’ve talked to guys who have said that they’ve been in love with girls who aren’t their “type” but attracted them nonetheless. The truth is that, if you meet a man who isn’t totally shallow, you can overcome quite a lot of physical differences with the right personality.

Here are some of the things men like about women other than looks.

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1. Musical talent

A number of guys said that they got very interested in a girl because she was able to play an instrument well, because she sang well, or because she was an incredible dancer. If you have a handle on music, going to places where you can flaunt it is a good way to get male attention.

2. Intelligence

Contrary to popular belief, men do not like dumb women. Actually, from what my friend Carl told me, they’re actually pretty sick of them. Showing that you're intelligent without being pretentious will make many men gain interest in you — fairly quickly, too.

3. Kindness

Many, many men have told me how much they bemoan the lack of genuinely kind, altruistic women out in the dating market. If you don’t think that true kindness makes men gain interest, you’re mistaken.

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4. Honesty

Studies have shown that honesty remains a constant trait that men seek out in a partner, regardless of age. After all, what kind of person would want to date someone they really can’t trust at all?

5. Passion

When I asked my friend Dante about the things men like about women other than looks, he said something rather interesting.

He said that most men want to see passion — and not just in the bedroom. Dante said that most men are very attracted to women who have passions outside of sex, getting married, and having kids. So, showing passion for things like your job or hobbies can definitely improve your chances of making things happen.

6. Humor 

While I’ve heard a lot of men claim that they hate women with a sense of humor, my friend Tre said that it’s quite the opposite. Tre explained, “Most guys love a woman who laughs at their jokes and can also dish out a good one, too. The men who say they hate that? Well, it’s often a sign of ego problems.”

7. Friendliness

There’s something to be said about a person who is friendly and outgoing. They’re fun to be around, and no matter what age you are, that’s going to be attractive.

8. Optimism

As I’ve pointed out in many articles, nobody likes a Debbie Downer. Even other negative thinkers can’t stand to be around people who are always complaining, upset, or otherwise melancholy. It’s depressing, and could even potentially harm your luck as well. 

9. A calm demeanor

From what I’ve gleaned from my guy friends, most girls are fairly anxious, and to a point, scared of actually being themselves. Guys can’t stand this and it’s scarily common according to my friend Jacko. A mellow demeanor with a level head will get you far in the dating scene, and might actually be what pushes guys to pop the question.

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10. Warmth

When a guy talks about girls being nice, they often don’t mean manners. What they usually want, as Dante explained, is warmth — as in, that loving, caring vibe you get from a mother who’s doting on you. (Yes, as big and manly as men are, they do want to be doted on.) Warmth goes a long way with the right guy and may actually be one of the reasons that he falls for you in the first place.

11. Being unique

My friend Carl was also pretty quick to point out that most guys don’t want a girl who’s totally cookie cutter in personality, style, and looks. Quirks are what make you who you are, and the right guy will love you for them.  

Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer who focuses on dating, relationships, love, and all sorts of lifestyle topics.