10 Easy Ways To Impress Him On The First Date

Simple tips that will keep your confidence high--and make you the best date ever.

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You're on a date and you want to impress him (although the feeling should be mutual and he should be hoping to impress you, too).

To be impressive, you don't have to try too hard. As a rule, guys are pretty simple.

If he's into how you look, sound, and smell, you don't have to do a lot more.

But to really be impressive and be the greatest date in the world, just do the following and you'll impress your date:

1. You're on time

No guy wants to hang out waiting…besides, while you're delaying, he might meet someone else!


Use all the time you have to wow him with a fun date.

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2. You're appropriately dressed

If he's invited you to dinner, don't show up wearing jean shorts, dress for the occasion!

If you're going on a sporty outing like a walk or a hike, wear athletic clothes. He'll love the effort that you put in to look the part.

3. You don't get drunk or sloppy

One cocktail, one beer, or one glass of wine and that's it. Sure, alcohol will help you relax, but you don't want to be slurring your words.

4. You don't weep

Crying is alarming. Another reason to stay sober, especially if you're the drink-and-get-sentimental type!


5. You don't talk about your ex-husband, your last boyfriend, or other guys you're dating

You'd think this is common sense, but it's surprising how many people do this.

6. You offer to pay for your own drink

He should demur and say it's his treat, but you should make the offer. It’s good form.

If he thinks you're just using him for his money, he's unlikely to take you back out.

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7. You're a good sport

Going on a date often means you're in for a surprise about what's happening.

For example, he suggests an activity, like fly fishing, that you don't know much about. Be willing to give it a shot. 


8. You show an interest in him, ask questions

Not an interrogation. Questions. What's his favorite color? What are his hobbies? What makes him the happiest or what does he like to do in his spare time?

Asking a guy questions shows that you're interested in getting to know him, which will make any guy feel good.

9. You're coquettish

But not too much, guys like to flirt but you risk looking too desperate if you go overboard with it.

Show your sense of humor and flirt playfully, it'll remind him that you have romance in mind.


10. You share interesting (but not alarming!) information about yourself

This is called getting to know each other.

If you're out on a date with someone, there's a high chance they want to get to know you too, so let them.

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Eve Marx is a journalist and professional Reiki Master. She writes often about relationships and spiritual and physical healing. She is the author of the novel "BEDDINGTON PLACE: Watch Your Back, Cover Your Tracks".