The Science Of Love: Can Opposites Really Attract?

If you're incompatible, you're compatible.

young couple smiling and gazing into the distance.

From sparks flying when your fingers touch to electric waves running down your spine, we all know the little signs to look for when it comes to falling in love. It's only natural to feel something for someone after spending so much time together and finding out that you share the same interests. But what happens when you fall for someone who is your complete opposite? Is it possible for there to be chemistry between two people who couldn't be more different? 


Relationship Expert Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil dispenses relationship advice based on which personalities mesh and which clash.

Conventional wisdom tells us that opposites attract but could it be that complimentary personalities attract instead? Check out this video to hear sound advice on why being incompatible can actually be a good thing. Also, everyone knows that the best sex can happen right after a fight.