A Woman's Husband Is Going To The Zoo With A Female Co-Worker After He Refused To Go With His Own Wife

He is against the existence of zoos, but was willing to drop his beliefs for his colleague over his wife.

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A woman was told by her husband that they would never take their daughter to a zoo since he claims to be “against zoos.” However, she was surprised one day when he informed her that he was taking a day trip to the zoo with his female colleague, her daughter, and their daughter. 

He does not appear to see the issue, and people are warning the woman that her husband is screaming “red flags.” 


The woman’s husband refuses to go to the zoo with her and their daughter because he is against the existence of zoos. 

Sharing her concerns to the subreddit, Mommit, the woman informed other Redditors that she needed to “vent” about her husband’s recent actions. 

She explains that she has always wanted to take their two-year-old daughter to the zoo to see all of the animals. However, her husband refuses to take her since he is against zoos and their treatment of animals. 

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“He said flat-out no because he is against zoos and animals locked up there,” the woman wrote. While she was disappointed, she accepted and respected her husband’s wishes. 

Although one day the woman’s husband told her that he would be going to a zoo with his female colleague and their daughters. 

Their children are the same age and they made plans to take them both to the zoo. Naturally, the woman was confused and hurt. “This made me so annoyed and sad because he was so against it and now he is willing to go with someone else,” she shared. “I'm sad I will miss out on seeing our daughter's reaction to the big animals in real life that we look at every night in her book and poster.” 


While the woman’s husband ultimately decided to skip the zoo trip after she voiced her feelings, he still does not understand why she was upset with him. 

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Other Redditors criticized the woman’s husband for prioritizing a colleague over his wife. 

“So he won’t abandon his ‘morals’ for you and your daughter but will drop it entirely for the co-worker? No,” one user commented.

“The issue is his lack of awareness and understanding. Maybe mansplain it to him, like what if he wanted to take the kid to a football game or something and you said no, then you decided unilaterally (after your male coworker asks) that you will take the kid to a football game- with a said male coworker,” another user suggested. 


Other users speculated that the woman’s husband may be having an affair with his colleague. 

It would explain why he was so willing to take a zoo trip with her and neglect his beliefs. “This screams shady and/or affair. Just so many no’s. So many,” one user pointed out. “He stopped you all these years from going so if I was you, I’d make a HUGE DEAL about this bc he is 100% up to no good with this woman.” 

“Why is your husband doing family stuff with another woman? Also, this woman is a work colleague, not some old family friend that they have known for years and also knows you. In many marriages, this kind of behavior is extremely inappropriate,” another user wrote. “This a date. Your husband is going on a date with another woman, to the zoo where you have been wanting to go for a long time.” 

While the woman’s husband is entitled to his opinion toward zoos, it would be hypocritical of him to attend one with his colleague and unfair to his wife, who has always wanted to go as a family. The woman later thanked Redditors for their support and for validating her feelings. 


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