Woman Searches For Family Of Little Girl She Saw Being Hurt By A Nanny At The Nashville Zoo

The woman reported the incident to the police and contacted the zoo regarding the matter.

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A concerned woman took to social media after she witnessed a disturbing incident at the zoo involving a child. She is calling on others to identify the person involved, whom she claims was the child’s nanny.

She says that the incident made her “stomach sink” and she is worried about the well-being of this child, hoping to somehow reach her parents and alert them.

The nanny allegedly got physical and hurt the little girl at the zoo.

The woman posted a lengthy message on Facebook detailing the disturbing incident and it quickly went viral, making it all the way to TikTok. “IF YOU HAVE A NANNY OR KNOW SOMEONE WITH A NANNY PLEASE READ,” she wrote.


According to the woman, she went to the Nashville Zoo in Tennessee on Friday, April 28. At around 10:45 AM, she claims to have witnessed a “frightening incident” between a little girl and her nanny in front of the tiger exhibit.

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“She [the nanny] picked up the little girl and SLAMMED her onto the concrete ledge [that] was retaining the wall by the tigers,” the woman wrote.  “She then began shaking her and screaming in her face and grabbing her face.” The woman shares that she was “super alarmed,” but continued walking ahead. 


However, she had a gut feeling that the woman screaming and slamming the little girl was not her mother. She continued verbally and physically abusing the little girl as many bystanders reportedly stopped but did nothing. “The girl then was crying and scared and got up and started LIMPING into the tiger exhibit and pulled her dress up to rub her legs,” the woman revealed. 

She claims that the girl had cuts and blood on her legs and that her nanny appeared to have no remorse, and continued chatting with the friend she brought along. Feeling heartbroken and concerned for the little girl’s safety, the woman approached her nanny.

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After confirming that she was indeed the nanny and not the child’s mother, the woman asked if her mother was “aware” of how she treated her child. “She’s aware of my style,” the nanny replied. However, the woman was skeptical and asked the nanny for the mother’s phone number so that she could contact her — the nanny refused. 


“I asked the little girl if she felt safe but obviously I’m a stranger and she didn’t say anything,” the woman wrote. She expressed her apologies that she was unable to do more for the little girl, including taking a picture of her and her nanny so that others would be able to identify them.

Instead, she provided a physical description of the little girl and her nanny on Facebook, describing the little girl as red-headed wearing a floral dress with a lovey blanket that looked to be around four or five, and the nanny as tan/olive-skinned with an accent with long wavy hair that appeared to be in her 20s. 

She added that the nanny had a friend with her with an accent as well and there was a little boy with curly hair, presumably the little girl’s brother. The nanny also had a “nicer looking” diaper bag with her. 

“I just kept thinking if this is how she treats these children out in public at the Zoo on a Friday with lots of people around I can’t imagine when no one is around,” the woman wrote. “I don’t want her to be able to make up an excuse about those cuts on the back of her legs.” The woman called on other Facebook users asking if they knew any children or nannies with the same physical descriptions she gave that were at the Zoo during that time. She has since contacted the Zoo and the police regarding the matter.


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Other social media users were horrified by the incident. 

“The mom rage inside me right now!!” one TikTok user commented. “I hope the mom finds this, the mom is working and trusting her baby is safe, this is horrible, Jesus please help this baby,” another user wrote. 

Other users encouraged the woman to ask the Zoo if they have surveillance footage of the nanny and little girl from the day of their visit to help identify them. As of now, the nanny and child have yet to be found. 


According to Child Protect, a children’s advocacy center, there are about 3.6 million cases of child abuse reported each year. 90% of those abused know their perpetrator in some way. 

It can be difficult to speak up, but it is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of children. If you suspect a child is being abused, report it to the appropriate authorities, such as child protective services or the police. You can also seek guidance and support from organizations that specialize in helping children who have been abused. 

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