About Karen Kleinwort

I love life; I love learning and expanding my own perspectives. I truly believe everything happens in divine perfection. Even if we are not able to see the goodness in the “why,” there is always love within the darkness. Sometimes we need to just close our eyes and open our hearts a little wider to find our way through.

People ask me all the time “What do I mean?” and “How can you always see the glass as half full when at certain times it feels like the glass is completely empty?”

My personal philosophy supports how I support you and how I am able to positively guide and facilitate your ability to easily transition through change and transition. While working with you, you are able to engage in conversations with a foundation built on my trust that something good is happening even during challenging times for you. This allows you to begin to adjust and rephrase your thoughts from a positive perspective, which in turn empowers you to begin to view through the lens of life opportunity where there was none before.

With fresh perspective comes clarity of purpose both in your personal life and your business or career. As you move through and embrace the change that is before you, your newfound clarity supports your desired success. You realize the collaboration that has occurred by working with me has moved you out of merely surviving life day to day so that you are now thriving and achieving goals greater than what you ever imagined.

As the founder and co-creative director of Therapy in Transition, I bring a unique combination of experiences in both public and private business sectors, private education, and health and wellness industries—all of which are built on the foundation of being reared in a family-owned business. I understand what it means to put my heart and soul into what brings me a sense of joy while balancing it with my personal life. I love what I do, and that is dedicating my time, resources and energy into supporting you in achieving the dreams you desire and deserve.

I would be honored to partner and collaborate with you as you move through life and embrace the change we all encounter each day. Please call me at (877) 255-0761 ext 111 or email me at expert@therapyintransition.org to schedule your free 30-minute coaching collaboration. 

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