Your BFF Can Be Your Best Stress Defense!

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BFFs are great for shopping, gossiping and more; they can also help you manage stress better.

Stress can be a killer and we are regularly overwhelmed with the newest stress reducer, tips to reduce anxiety and even the hot off the FDA approval line for which meds will help us manage our stress and anxiety. But what if your BFF could be your best natural defense for reducing your stress level?

In a recent press release (January 26, 2012) from Concordia University titled "What Friends For? Negating Negativity" provides an overview of a study done on 55 boys and 45 girls in grades 5 and 6 that relates the results of when a child is faced with a serious and streneous situation alone their self worth declines but when they were accompanied by a friend there are immediate benefits to the child's overall health and wellness. This is interesting and definitely provides a great foundation for prioritizing the health of your relationships. You can read the complete news release here

Jumping forward several years later, the question is now the same "Does having your BFF at the ready to emotionally support you during a stressful situation positively affect your ability to manage your stress and anxiety?" Yes! Healthy relationships are important and having supportive friendships go along way to improving your feelings of self-worth and feeling empowered. When you feel empowered you are more motivated for jumping in or shifting into drive and taking action. You are able to set more appropriate goals and as a result achieving your goals becomes a lot easier.

No one likes stress, but the fact is that it exists and a certain amount of stress is critical to your survival; it is just a critical to know when the scale has been tipped to far where it is detrimental to your overall health and wellnes.

Realistically your BFF isn't going to be physically present for all stressful and uncomfortable situations but knowing that they are on speed dial can make your experience be that much more manageable.

A wise man, my father always told me that we have friends and acquaintances and when we reflect back on our life and we can count on one hand how many true friends we've had then we can consider ourselves fortunate. When I was younger I didn't buy into his formula; now as an adult and mother myself I can see the depth that friendships move through and how much effort goes into maintaining friendships so I know who I can truly count on when the chips are down. Even as a single person, knowing who you can call during the tough times can keep you motivated to moving forward.

No matter what stage in your life you find yourself, healthy relationships are important  and in can be difficult to be engaged in one since the exchange of support necessary for it to be healthy is to ensure that one side doesn't feel they are giving more than they are receiving.

You love your BFF; to help keep your stress in check as well as theirs be sure to check in often with each other. Your friendship and your overall health and wellness are worth the effort.

To your success!

Coach Karen K


Life Coach and Business Coach Karen Kleinwort is the founder Therapy in Transition and is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in the integration of her clients' mind, body and spirit into her Personal Empowerment Coaching practice. For more information, visit www.coachkarenk.com, www.therapyintransition.org or contact her at success@coachkarenk.com.