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Woman Shares Her Fiancé's Reaction After Telling Her He Got Someone Else Pregnant — 'Men Are So Creative'

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After a woman’s fiancé sat her down and informed her that he had some pretty big news to tell her, she never could have imagined what would come out of his mouth. She also never could have predicted how he would react after telling her the news. 

In a TikTok video that has already gained over 19 million likes in just a few days, the woman named Royal, who goes by @royalandwavey on TikTok, records her fiancé’s childlike temper tantrum when she told him that she was leaving him after learning of his infidelity. 

Despite the breakup being almost entirely the man’s fault, he an over-the-top outburst.

His now ex-fiancé finds him sitting in the bathtub, fully clothed, sobbing as the shower water runs on top of him. 

“Are you for real right now?” the woman says to him, as he balls his hands into fists and slams them against his knees, begging her not to leave him. 



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If you thought that the man's response could not be any more immature, think again. The next clip depicts him lying flat on his back on the floor as he rapidly kicks his feet and cries. 

The woman is in utter disbelief. “This can’t be real. This can’t be my life right now,” she says. 

Eventually, he gets up, pauses to hit the wall a few times, paces and drops himself onto the woman’s knees, begging her for a second chance. 

“Don’t do this to us!” he wails. 

When the woman tells him to get started on making arrangements to move out, he claims that he believes he is having an asthma attack. He continues to holler, faceplants on the floor and begs the woman to take him back. Instead, she only gives him one request. 

“Don’t get any spit on my carpet!” she says, all while the man claims that he “didn’t do nothing.” 

Many people were appalled, yet amused, by the man’s unwarranted reaction that was a result of his own actions. 

“Why is he acting like YOU got something else pregnant?” one TikTok user commented. 

“You better send this to his mama and the pregnant girl,” another user suggested. 

“My toddler when we leave the park,” another user wrote, comparing the man’s behavior to that of a two-year-old. 

Others pointed out that the man had no one to blame but himself for his fiancé leaving him. 

“He legit threw a tantrum over the consequences of HIS own actions,” one user commented. 

“Manipulation at its finest,” another user noted. 

"Girl this is the best thing that could've happened," another added. "Now you know exactly what he is."

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The man’s embarrassing-to-watch temper tantrum is a prime example of emotional manipulation.

It is not uncommon for people who cheat to use emotional manipulation tactics to either get their partners to stay or even make them believe that their infidelity was their fault. According to PsychCentral, in cases of romantic and sexual infidelity, almost every betrayed partner experiences some form of emotional manipulation, including gaslighting, to some degree. Examples of this can include: “You’re reading into things wrong!” “I didn’t do anything!” and “I get it, you don’t trust me.”

When the cheater is finally caught red-handed, they may attempt to deflect the blame, or even try to trap their partner in the relationship by throwing a tantrum, and acting as if they cannot live without them. Tears and begging can be effective in some cases, and some partners betrayed by cheating will feel guilty and obligated to stay, even though they are the ones who got hurt. 

Some people who cheat, like this man, believe that their meltdowns will get their partners to stick around, even though they are under no obligation to do so. Luckily, the woman recognized the red flags of her ex-fiancé’s behavior and did not fall for his games. 

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In a separate video, she reveals how he attempted to “make himself the victim” after he was caught cheating. 

After telling him that they were done, the man ran wild through their apartment, breaking glasses and slamming into walls while sobbing uncontrollably. His reaction was a manipulative tactic, attempting to make his ex-fiancé feel guilty that her decision to leave him caused his reaction. 



However, she is not the one who strayed from their relationship. Whatever pain he may be feeling as a result of his own actions is nothing compared to what the woman has endured. 

Crying in the shower and throwing things like a child will not win her back. It will only solidify her decision to leave, confident that she made the right choice. 

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