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Husband Tells Wife Pregnant With ‘Miracle Baby’ To ‘Just Move On’ After She Finds Out His Mistress Is Pregnant Too

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Man with two pregnant women, one being his wife

A 26-year-old woman on Reddit recently posted in the “r/relationship_advice” subreddit asking for relationship advice on her marriage. Her 42-year-old husband and she have been trying for a baby for two years, but have been unsuccessful. As it would turn out, she had some medical complications that caused her to be infertile, but thanks to some medical treatments, she is not halfway through her pregnancy with their “miracle baby.”

The only problem is, her husband just revealed that there’s another baby on the way — but it isn’t hers.

Her husband has been cheating on her for weeks and got his mistress pregnant.

Since her work consists of physical labor, she’s had to cut back on her hours because of medical complications and to care for the baby in her belly. Thankfully, her husband picked up more hours at his job and all seemed well for a little while.

“I couldn’t see that anything was amiss,” she claims in her post. “Things were the same as they’ve always been. He always brings home flowers, food, things for the baby, coffee, he’s always sending me thoughtful and loving texts [throughout] the day. The gaps where he was unreachable were explainable.”



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When he revealed that he had been cheating on her for six weeks and had just found out that his mistress was pregnant, she was in complete shock.

“He says that if she decides to keep the baby she’s going to raise it by herself and that they mutually agreed to end the relationship already. He wants to make things right,” she explains, but she isn’t sure how that could even be possible for them — for her, even. He claims that he just wants to “move on” from what he refers to as his, “transgression.”

“How do I ever forgive him? How do you deal with the unthinkable?” she asks. “How do I learn to live with the idea that my child’s sibling might be out there somewhere someday? Most importantly, how do I learn to move on like he wants me to?”



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Most people agreed that she should serve her husband with divorce papers.

“Personally, the baby would get my maiden name & I’d serve him with divorce papers and child support,” one person wrote. “I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be okay having a baby with a man who just abandoned one,” someone else shared.

American Psychological Association research, via Psychology Today, discovered that approximately 20-40% of divorces are caused by an affair. However, it’s worth noting that in most cases, there were problems before the discovery of the affair even occurred. Men are less likely to be divorced by women than the other way around when their partners find out about their infidelity. 61% of men who cheated are still married, compared to 44% of women who are still married after cheating.

According to Torrone Law, it’s also much better to come clean with your infidelity than to withhold it. The divorce rate is 80% in relationships where one partner cheats and doesn’t open up about it, compared to 43% when they do.

The fact that he opened up about the infidelity at all shows the lengths he’s willing to go to, but it may not be enough for his wife.

“I have plans to meet with a lawyer on Monday. I’m talking to my sister to see if I can stay with her,” she says, implying that she will move forward with divorcing her husband of three years. “I will not be seeking ‘other options’ other than having my baby due to being pretty far along and having been told in the past I would not conceive. Regardless of what my husband has done, I love my child,” she wrote. 

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