Woman Uses Social Media To Send A Heartfelt Message To Her Husband's Mistress After Discovering Their Affair

Sometimes, life's curveballs turn out to be blessings in disguise.

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Infidelity can bring on a storm of emotional reactions: anger and sadness, disappointment and grief. 

Yet for one wife named Jenna, finding out about her husband’s affair brought palpable relief and a sense of acceptance, which she expressed to the other woman.

The woman used social media to send a heartfelt message to her husband’s mistress after discovering their affair.

Jenna sat in the front seat of her car as she spoke to the woman her husband was cheating on her with.


“Hi, this message is for Nicki, in Clarkesville, Tennessee,” Jenna began.

@jenna1776 Hey Nicki, i wanted to tell you something…#tiktokdoyourthang ♬ original sound - Jenna444

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“I’ve been trying to get a hold of you on Messenger, but it doesn’t look like you’re opening up the messages, so I thought I’d see if TikTok could do its thing and get the message to you here.”

She harnessed the power of the algorithm to contact her husband’s mistress, showing grace under pressure.

Jenna could have dragged Nicki over the coals, but instead of exploding, she delivered advice with an undercurrent of barbed tension.

“I noticed when I was in Nashville with my daughter at the Morgan Wallen concert that you had posted to your Facebook story a picture of you with my husband at the lake house, at the lake on the boat with his fishing poles and all the things,” she said.


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“It’s a really beautiful place there. We actually even had our honeymoon there, and I’m so happy that he’s comfortable enough to bring other women [and] introduce them to a spot that I considered sacred,” Jenna said, leveling a major call-out in a calm yet pointed way.

Jenna explained why she was grateful for Nicki’s role as the "Other Woman" in her life, saying, “The most important thing is that I have been praying for God to remove this cheating, narcissistic, gaslighting, piece of confusing [expletive] out of my life for quite some time, and here you go, walking in, doing God’s footwork.”


“But along with the footwork of God comes some warning, so I thought I would include those here,” she went on before listing her husband’s toxic attributes.

“He does not like to be told 'no,' and if you tell him 'no,' and he’s inconvenienced at all, he will replace you,” she said. “He’s probably in the bathroom right now, talking to another woman on his phone. That’s what he does.”

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She seemed to harbor mixed emotions about her husband’s affair, yet she expressed relief to have a reason to walk away.

Affairs don’t always signify the end of a relationship. Some couples work through their underlying issues and stay together, doing the difficult work of repair after infidelity. Yet, for others, an affair is the final line in the sand, as was for Jenna.


Many affairs start in the same way, and most affairs are about something else besides attraction.

“I hope you guys are enjoying the honeymoon phase of your little rendezvous because he lives for that and that only, and once that’s over, he’s gonna be with the next woman doing the same thing,” she said.

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“I just wanted to let you know that what he’s done to me with you, he’ll do to you with someone else,” she warned, noting an important aspect of infidelity: That it’s a pattern of behavior based on dishonesty and keeping secrets, a pattern that’s likely to repeat itself.

“In the meantime, please be kind to my son because he didn’t ask for any of this, okay? God bless you,” Jenna concluded.

Her post received over 25,000 comments, showing that TikTok did indeed work its internet magic to reach a wide audience. Most commenters commended Jenna for being classy and taking care of her own needs first.


“This is the most peaceful call-out I’ve ever seen,” said one person. “This woman is already healing and kind enough to care about the next person as well as keep the peace for her child.”

When the lives we’ve established come crashing down around us, it would be easy to react with fear and anger, yet Jenna did the opposite.

She acknowledged that one phase of her life was over, aware that she was shedding the toxic weight of her husband, and looked toward the future, which remains wide open and full of possibility.


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