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Woman Wants A Divorce Because Husband Goes To The Bathroom In The Sink To Save Money On Water

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A woman is being encouraged to divorce her husband after he revealed the gross habit he does to save money, which has left many people repulsed. Posting to the "r/amiwrong" subreddit, a man claimed that his wife is disgusted by how he uses the bathroom.

She wants a divorce because her husband goes to the bathroom in the sink to save money on water.

In his since-deleted Reddit post, the man explained that he pees in a cup and chooses to dump it into the sink. He argued that most water companies do not have a meter for sewer, and end up using an algorithm to determine how much to charge you when it comes time to send out water bills each month.

Woman Says She Wants A Divorce Because Her Husband Goes To The Bathroom In The Sink To Save Money On WaterPhoto: PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / Shutterstock

"Waste charges are more than water so it’s expensive and keeps getting higher and higher every year. If you used only 100 gallons of water a month and only used it to water your lawn, you would still be charged for over 90 gallons of wastewater," he wrote.

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Instead of peeing in the toilet, he dumps all of his pee into the sink and uses another cup of water to rinse away any remnants of his urine. However, his wife isn't on board with the way he uses the bathroom and is now considering divorce because of his cheap attitude toward using the toilet. His daughters are also refusing to brush their teeth in the sink because of how disgusted they are by their dad's habit.

"I suggested they pee in a bowl and dump it down the sink too … it saves money … it saves water … it saves the planet," he wrote. "The low-flow toilet uses almost a gallon of water to just flush pee … and then they charge me for it."

He concluded his post by asking if he was in the wrong for wanting to save money by urinating in a cup and pouring it into the sink. 

In the comments section, many people agreed that it was a gross habit and that his wife wasn't wrong for wanting to leave the marriage because of it.

"Yep. I don't blame your family for not wanting to be around a guy who is so cheap that he cares more about saving a few dollars while ignoring basic hygiene," one Reddit user wrote. "Alimony and child support are going to cost you more than any water bill ever did, good job."

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Another user added, "It's a few dollars total over a month, there's a reason we use toilets and not just pee in the sink. The money you save now you'll pay for in your lost relationships, health, and comfort."

Woman Says She Wants A Divorce Because Her Husband Goes To The Bathroom In The Sink To Save Money On WaterPhoto: Dragana Gordic / Shutterstock

"Why not just pee outside? Why would you even suggest that your wife and daughters do the same [thing]? Right after they told you that they won't brush their teeth by that sink and that your wife rightfully so wants to divorce you," a third user chimed in. "This is incredibly disturbing. You need to go to therapy. You're letting the dogma take over your life. You're not saving the planet by peeing in a cup and disposing [of] it through the faucet. This is epically flawed logic."

In the end, this man's fixation on saving a few dollars at the expense of basic hygiene and familial comfort has led to a rift in his family and his marriage, which he doesn't seem too concerned about fixing. His unconventional bathroom habit can't be more important than the well-being and emotional comfort that his family needs from him, and if he doesn't realize that soon, it looks as if his wife may follow through on the divorce after all.

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