Woman Exposes Her Military Husband's Mistress Along With A Text He Sent Saying He Only 'Slipped Up' Because He Was Lonely While Deployed

He couldn't believe that is betrayed wife wanted to leave him after the services he provided for "her" country.

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When loved ones send their military spouses off for deployments, they are usually concerned about their safety and well-being. Most aren't concerned with infidelity.

One military wife, however, exposed her husband’s alleged infidelity, along with a shocking photo of his mistress and brutal text messages she received from her husband after he’d been caught. 

The woman shared the story of her military husband’s affair by revealing a photo of his alleged mistress. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 9 million times, Tyra Duffy (@tyraduffy) hopped on a viral trend where married women who were cheated on were exposing their husband’s mistresses by posting photos of their mistresses. 




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Tyra took the opportunity to share a photo she found of her husband’s supposed mistress whom he cheated with while deployed. Most people admitted that their jaws dropped, and ours may have too, upon seeing the photo of the woman who appeared to be twice as old as Duffy. 


The woman’s name is Lori Remington and, according to Duffy, she was able to personally confirm the cheating by reaching out to her.

Remington claimed that she met up with Duffy's husband, Zac, at a bar called “The Eagle’s Nest,” after the alleged cheating just to “talk” with him. However, she claimed that Zac wanted more, and “practically begged” to take her home. 

She added that it was just a mistake and that Zac had informed her that he and Duffy were getting a divorce. What was perhaps even more revolting was Zac’s response when Duffy confronted him about the alleged incident. 

He claimed that he only cheated because he was lonely on deployment. 

Duffy revealed a series of text messages following Zac’s supposed cheating where he attempted to explain himself. 


First, he tried to guilt her into staying in the marriage despite the cheating. “There is no way you’re leaving me for cheating while I was DEPLOYED fighting for the country you live in,” he wrote. 

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Zac admitted that he was “lonely” while deployed and slipped up since he could not physically feel his wife there with him, which led him to seek affection elsewhere. “I’m a man and I need physical touch,” he argued. 


Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Zac criticized Duffy for even considering leaving him. “You seriously about to leave a good man who fought for America. You won’t find no better marine than me,” he said. 

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Zac also claimed that he never imagined that Duffy would find out about the alleged affair and that it meant nothing. “You need to think about the real man you losing,” he added. 

Duffy's story gained the attention of many people on TikTok, with millions of likes and comments. While most people supported her and extended their well-wishes, others accused her of fabricating the incident and bashed her for staying with her husband as long as she had. 




If you have ever been cheated on like Duffy, it is important to note that you are not to blame, even if that is what your partner claims. 

Even if those in long-distance relationships feel disconnected from their partners since they are unable to display their affection physically, it is not their betrayed partner’s doing. They are doing the best they can with the circumstances they were given. 

Military marriage is difficult, and unfortunately, sometimes cheating occurs while one spouse is on deployment. Two to 7% of military couples end up filing for divorce, and even if they do not, that does not mean that they are necessarily happy. 



The distance can certainly take a toll on some couples, but it is never an excuse to be unfaithful. 


Even if you fought hard for the freedoms of this country, your spouse has the freedom to leave the marriage if they were disrespected. 

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