Customer Goes Off On Man Who Asks Restaurant If They Offer A Military Discount — 'All Of You Think You're Entitled'

The incident highlights the importance of recognizing and supporting military personnel.

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When a former military member placed his order at a restaurant, he asked the cashier if discounts were offered to those who had served. However, another customer standing by overheard his request and did not hold back expressing how she felt about it. 

The customer complained that people in the military ‘feel entitled to privileges’ at stores and restaurants. 

In a video shared on TikTok, a former military member ordering food at a restaurant counter asked the cashier if they offered military discounts. A woman standing behind him immediately jumped in to complain. “Wow, that is so rude!” she told the man.


Perplexed by her reaction, he asked her why she feels like she does. “All of you think you’re entitled because you’re in the military and you deserve all of these special privileges,” she responded. 

Flabbergasted, the man informed her what a real privilege looks like for him. 



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“It’s not a privilege. It’s a discount,” he said. “A privilege is getting to go home. To go home to your family every night, to go home to a free country.” He continued, “Because some people give up their privileges so people like you can have them.” 

The man then turned to the cashiers behind the counter and apologized if he offended any of them. Thankfully, they all expressed their gratitude for his service. Better yet, another customer online who overheard the interaction stepped forward so that she could pay for the man’s entire meal. 

The restaurant manager then came forward and offered to give the man his meal for free! 

Other people expressed their gratitude for all the sacrifices the man made by serving in the military. 

“He handled this so much better than I would have. Hats off to you sir!” one TikTok user commented. “Veterans give up so much during their term and people have no clue what it takes to preserve our freedom,” another user wrote. 


“He wasn’t even being rude, he was just asking if they offered a discount. What is wrong with people?” another user noted. “She just got served!” another user exclaimed. “Thank you for your service!” 

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While a discount and a free meal are nothing compared to the services our military provides for us, recognition and support for our military are crucial. 

Just a “thank you for your service” or offering to pay for a veteran’s meal goes a long way, but there are so many other ways you can convey your appreciation to them.

A 2021 Veterans Day Survey conducted by the Cohen Veterans Network found that veterans feel most appreciated when someone donates to a veterans organization, has a conversation with them about their time in the service, and when a home or business flies the American flag. 


Acts of kindness toward the people who make the ultimate sacrifices for us do not require strenuous effort, and they have a much more significant impact than most people realize.

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