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Woman Accuses Boyfriend Of 'Abandoning Her' On Her Birthday By Going To The Super Bowl With His Best Friend

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There comes a time in every romantic relationship when a turning point is reached, and one-half of the couple reveals their truest self. For one woman, that moment has come and gone, as her boyfriend decided not to invite her on a very big trip.

The woman accused her boyfriend of ‘abandoning’ her on her birthday because he was taking his best friend to the Super Bowl and not her.

Megan called into Kiss 108, a Boston radio station, to tell her tale of woe. She explained that her birthday is February 10, one day before Super Bowl Sunday, the hallowed day when the players of the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers smash their bodies against each other at full force. 



In a surprising turn of events, Megan’s boyfriend, Derek, won two free tickets to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, which, she claims, “Is essentially on my birthday.”

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“He’s abandoning me and taking his best friend instead,” she exclaimed.

“Let me explain,” her boyfriend interjected. “I’m not abandoning her. We could do something before or after. I told her that so many times.”

“But listen, Derek. You could take me, and you’re choosing to not take me, [and] leave me all alone on my birthday,” the woman clapped back.

Girl Accuses Boyfriend Of Abandoning Her On Her Birthday By Going To The Super Bowl With His Best FriendPhoto: YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / Shutterstock

The radio hosts asked Derek who he was taking to the big game and he replied, “I’m taking my best friend, Brad. We’ve known each other for years. We watch the game every Sunday. I can’t not take him.”

The hosts then asked if Megan was a football fan. “I’m not necessarily a fan of football," she responded, "but I’m a fan of Vegas.”

As the couple aired their grievances on the radio, the dividing issue became clear: Should Derek take Megan to the Super Bowl, even though she’s not into football? 

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Taylor Swift is probably going to be there,” Megan exclaimed, referencing the pop star’s recent appearances at games played by her own boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Derek told Megan he’d take her to Vegas to see Usher and Taylor Swift perform — just not on Super Bowl Sunday.



Megan’s emotional reaction is valid, as is Derek’s decision to bring Brad to the Super Bowl.

While it’s no one’s place to judge anyone else’s choices in a relationship, Derek has a decision to make: Is it worth the turmoil to take Brad and not his lady love?

Megan has a right to be upset that her boyfriend won’t be spending her birthday with her. Derek has a right to bring whoever he wants to the game.

It appears that neither Megan nor Derek are entirely in the wrong. They just have different expectations of how to spend a big day for both of them. Hopefully, the loving yet conflicted couple can work out their disagreement, in a way that benefits everyone.

Maybe this means Derek needs to plan something extra special for Megan's birthday. Maybe it means that Megan needs to shift her thought process on who deserves to go to the game.

Either way, the couple is at a fork in the road. Only time will tell what repercussions Super Bowl Sunday holds for them. 

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