Woman Accused Of Trying To Ruin A Marriage By 'Making Lunches' For One Of Her Married Co-Workers Despite His Wife Telling Her To Stop

She claimed that she doesn't have any romantic feelings for her co-worker, but his wife isn't convinced.

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A 23-year-old woman's side hustle at work got her labeled as a "homewrecker" by her co-worker's wife. 

She was accused of trying to ruin a marriage by 'making lunches' for her married co-worker.

In her since-deleted Reddit post, she explained that for the last four years, she's been trying to save up money so that she can eventually buy a house. To do so, she decided to make and sell lunches to her co-workers since her cooking tastes better and is cheaper than the restaurants and food establishments near their workplace.


"Now, I have to be very clear. These are co-workers, they are not friends," she insisted. "There is no work wife/husband going on. I just sell them lunches, and we usually eat at the same time/place."

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The phenomenon of having a work spouse has gained a bit of traction in recent years and started conversations around mixed-gender friendships, especially those that exist in the workplace. While a work spouse doesn't necessarily have to be an issue — and can often be a source of amusement and jokes — the lines quickly become blurred if one of those people is married in real life.

However, this Redditor clarified that she has no romantic feelings for any of her co-workers who buy lunches from her, whether they are married or not.

She recently received a call from her married co-worker's wife asking her to stop giving her husband lunches.

"She asked me, more like ordered me, to stop making her husband lunches," she recalled. "It was a weird conversation, but I just said that if she doesn't want him buying lunches from me, she should tell him to stop asking me himself."


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After hanging up with her co-worker's wife, she sent her co-worker a text letting him know what had happened. She made sure to tell him that she was uncomfortable with his wife reaching out to her, and he immediately responded apologetically about the entire situation, promising her that he would speak with his wife.


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It seems that her co-worker's wife either doesn't trust her husband or is projecting her own insecurities onto the woman, coming up with ill intentions where none exist. 

This woman's lack of trust in her husband reaches far beyond someone innocently making lunches for him, and this Redditor has unfortunately found herself in the middle of it.

Despite his wife's demands, her co-worker has continued to buy lunches from her, and she's continued selling them to him. Again, his wife reached out to her, this time accusing her of being a "homewrecker" in a series of texts. Instead of replying, she forwarded the text to her co-worker and blocked his wife's number.

"He apologized to me again, told me he talked with her, and said that he would still buy lunches from me if I was OK with it. I said sure, money is money," she added. 


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Despite her attitude, the people around her insist that she's causing issues by not stepping back, especially since her involvement is driving a wedge in their marriage. However, this Redditor is simply trying to run a business and make money — not steal anyone's husband.

She, realistically, shouldn't have to cut off a paying customer because her customer's wife has an issue with where he buys his lunch. It's unreasonable to expect her to sacrifice a source of income simply because of insecurities from another party


As one Redditor put it, "If her marriage is so fragile that someone else cooking food for him is going to wreck their home, that’s on them to resolve."

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