7 Tiny Mistakes That Pretty Much Ensure Your Relationship Will Fail

Avoid these mistakes for a successful and healthy relationship.

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Here are 7 tiny mistakes that pretty much ensure your relationship will fail:

1. You depend on them for ‘self-esteem.’

First of all, self-esteem isn’t real. You made it up. Secondly, if you need someone else’s validation to make you feel good, you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

This is like building a house on a bed of marbles.

Before entering a healthy relationship, you need to learn to make peace with who you are in your most isolated moments.




2. You don’t see them for who they are.

We create all kinds of mental representations of other people in our lives.

We say, ‘They’re difficult, or crazy.’

We are living a lie when we respond to our thoughts on someone instead of who they are and what they do. It’s not fair, either.


Just because you think someone’s a jerk doesn’t mean they’re a jerk.

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3. You rely on expectations.

If you expect anything from someone, your relationship is on its way out.

The happiest relationships are operated by people who expect nothing but to make firm handshake agreements on win-win deals that benefit them both. This is maturity.

Hoping people act a certain way is childish and leads to resentment.



4. One or both of you lie.

If you rely on dishonesty to maintain harmony in your relationship, not only are you both essentially strangers to one another, it’s only a matter of time until something explosive and heartbreaking happens.


If you need to cheat, you’re an idiot with zero foresight and even less courage.

Establish your need for an open relationship that your partner can agree to if you need it early on.

Just don’t go into a relationship planning to lie.

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5. You take stuff too seriously.

Relationships develop as a union between two people that serves them both.

If a relationship results in a general decrease in joy and mood, it’s not a relationship in its true sense.

It’s entrapment.

Just because life is hard doesn’t mean you need to bring heavy misery to your partnership.

You must find a way to quit whining and add value to the vibe, so you’re both continually lifted.


Seven simple mistakes that ensure your relationship will fail

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6. You neglect your physical bond through dopamine abuse.

The number one enemy of powerful physical intimacy is flooding your dopamine receptors with fake stimulation. It’s selfish.

You’re cheating on your partner and your future interpersonal satisfaction by taking shortcuts that numb you to reality.


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7. You push for ‘equality.’

Relationships work because two people sit on two polarities.

You will struggle if you’re both trying to dominate and compete.

Like for like repels. In the same way, a relationship is doomed to fail if neither of you can step up and lead the other.

It’s disparity you want in a healthy relationship, not an equal playing field — unless you want to be best buds with a distinct lack of passion.

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