The Most Damaging Habits Of Couples In Trouble — Ranked From Most To Least Harmful

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Have you ever found love, companionship, and solace in someone else? Certainly, it is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

But if you are not aware of the little things that aren't so little, you might eventually end up hurting the person you love the most.

This is what happens when couples fail to recognize their negative patterns that are unhelpful for a romantic relationship. No, these habits don't result in breakups in a day.

Instead, they're silent killers, rotting the very roots of the relationship over time.

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Here are the most damaging habits to avoid to ensure a healthy, loving, and long-term relationship

1. Lashing out at your partner after a bad day

We often are more respectful to strangers than our loved ones, especially our partners. You can be your real, raw self with them, which, unfortunately, makes them the most susceptible victim of your anger.

There's a belief that they will not leave you even in your worst behavior. Making your partner a medium to release your anger is emotional abuse, even if they remain silent about it.

2. Nurturing unrealistic expectations

Holding your partner to unrealistic expectations, thinking they are perfect, incapable of making mistakes, and adept at understanding what's going on in your mind when you haven't uttered a single word will lead to disappointment.

Thus, it's important to understand what's not helping your relationship and communicate those things to your partner

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3. Being codependent

Being dependent on your partner for your sexual needs, a bit of emotional support, and sharing responsibilities are hallmarks of a successful relationship. The problem arises when either of you treats the other person as your caretaker.

"Love is the union of two souls" — or so it is said. Yet, when couples are codependent upon their partners in a relationship, they are set for heartbreak.

Slowly, the other person gets tired of the constant pressure and lack of boundaries and begins to suffocate in the relationship.

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4. Making promises but not keeping them

A healthy relationship demands trust to be one of its significant pillars. When you don't keep your promises, you teach your significant other to not trust you.

Your partner may ignore your failure to show up to your words the first few times. But when it becomes a daily thing, you will find the two of you to be constantly at each other's throats

5. Lack of verbal appreciation

Do you want to know the secret of a long-term relationship? It's falling in love with the same person again and again. But mind you, it's not always unconditional.

Sometimes, you fail to appreciate the big and little gestures of your partner as it becomes the "new normal."

Saying words like "thank you," "appreciate the joy you bring in my life" or similar words of gratitude breaks the monotony and allows your partner to feel seen.

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6. Not being the one to compromise

As unique individuals, you and your lover will not always be on the same page. Your opinions will vary, and that's where attempting to come to a common ground will build respect, passion, and devotion.

Providing more significance to others' views over yours is difficult, but a crucial part of a relationship. However, compromises should be mutual and made respecting each other's personal space.

7. Keeping financial secrets from your partner

From having secret bank accounts, credit card debt, and gambling to a confidential source of income… hiding relevant information regarding your finances from your partner is like skating on thin ice.

It has a list of drawbacks — not only it keeps your loved one in the dark, but also prevents them from helping in savings and avoiding extravagant expenses like weekly expensive dinners. Plus, it also minimizes the possibility of receiving financial help from them.

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8. Overloading yourself with too many interests

Your romantic relationship should not be the center of your universe. It's amazing to have an interesting life outside of your relationship as well — one where you invest time in your interests and hobbies.

But this aspect of your life shouldn't tower over your love life completely, especially when you are in a serious or long-term relationship. Quality time is essential for a couple.

Thus, plan your routine accordingly.

9. Speaking poorly of their family and friends

When you truly accept a person as your partner for life, you accept their stories, background, likes, and dislikes — which includes their family and friends.

It's okay if you don't love their family. The solution is to respectfully communicate it to your partner instead of following a vicious cycle of throwing insults at their loved ones again and again.

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10. Allowing technology to intrude on your relationship

If you are stuck to your phone, laptop, or tablet throughout the day, you are losing precious moments and conversations that would have transformed your connection with your partner.

Spending mindless hours staring at the screen not only affects your mental health and productivity but also carves space for the physical and emotional distance between a couple.

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