Think He's Cheating? How To Know For Sure

A foolproof way to catch a cheater.

Last updated on Sep 26, 2023

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There's only one thing worse than finding out that your partner's cheating: suspecting that your partner's cheating.

Unfortunately, it's not always as simple as just asking your partner for the truth.

One of the most common ways for unfaithful partners to deflect accusations of cheating is to dismiss their partners' concerns as paranoia. Some even turn the tables and accuse their partners of pondering infidelity.


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If you can't catch your partner in the act, there are red flags to look for (suspicious errands, a sudden change in grooming or appearance, etc.), but what if you're not 100 percent sure? Should you end your relationship without any hard evidence of infidelity, or wait passively for the truth to come out?


In the past, worried spouses hired expensive private detectives to do the dirty work, if they could afford to pay thousands of dollars. Infidelity DNA Testing, operated by the national DNA testing company Paternity Lab Center, makes it easy for any man or woman to scientifically confirm cheating, CSI-style.

All it involves is sending in an item that's potential evidence, like dirty underwear, bedsheets, condoms, or even cigarette butts, and having it tested for DNA. Should viable DNA be detected, you can then pay an additional fee for a comparison test to see if the DNA on your partner's item matches yours. If not, you know someone's got some 'splainin' to do. The whole process costs $600 at the most.

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The whole process sounds icky and even sneaky, yes. But we're talking about cheating. It comes with the territory. And while not all cheating partners are dumb enough to leave incriminating, bodily fluid-soaked undies around, many of them are.


You deserve to know the truth, and no one can deny the validity of DNA. Even better, you'll know the truth within five business days. And then you can move on with your relationship... or not.

Kip Charles, the former owner of the Paternity Lab Center, reports that the majority of people who call Infidelity DNA Testing are men who suspect their girlfriends or wives are cheating.

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"More men call to find out how the process works, but most don't actually go through with it," Charles says. "Women are more likely to pull the trigger and actually submit an item for testing." He says that about 70% of clients confirm that their partner was cheating as they suspected.


"Maybe 30% of clients are wrong about their suspicions, but I'd say the rest already know something's wrong. They know there's a serious decision they have to make, but they have to be sure."

The lesson: If you think your partner is cheating, follow your gut, but don't forget all the technology — or dirty laundry — at your disposal.

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