15 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About My First Year Of Divorce

Hindsight. We love it. Too bad we can't have it beforehand.

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That first year of divorce can be a real humdinger.

There's so much going on, so many new things happening, and so many emotions floating around. In retrospect, you wish someone would've told you the specifics, as far as the things that get better or easier.

Here are 15 things I wish someone told me about my first year of divorce:

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1. You don't have to be perfect all of a sudden

Sure, people are watching (mainly your ex and your in-laws) to see how you do. But that doesn't mean you have to be superhuman. Stop scrubbing the cat box with your old toothbrush at 3 AM and forget about getting up an hour early to do your makeup.

2. You're alone now, but not forever

Yes, you will find someone else one day, if and when you want to. Right now, just find the blessings in being alone. There are plenty.

3. Your mother will get over it

Really, she will.

4. Dating really isn't dead/all that bad

Eventually, it even becomes fun.

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5. Your bed might seem empty at first

But later on, you'll revel in the fact that the whole thing is yours. The whole thing.

6. You're about to forge a whole new relationship with your kids

No matter how good/touchy/close your relationship with your kids is now, there's a bond between single parents and their kids that's amazing and unique only to them.

7. That weight gain or unwanted weight loss will right itself

The emotional eating will go away. The stress-induced starvation will, too.

8. Forget what you lost; recognize what you've gained

The good and the bad are gone. But a whole new world, full of possibilities that only you get to choose, has opened up to you.


9. Missing him will fade

Pretty soon, you won't miss being with him. You might miss being with someone, but that can be fixed.

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10. You didn't fail; your marriage failed

You'll go on to triumph at other things and one of them might even be marriage.

11. Don't discount the little things

Closet space. Your favorite foods on the menu. A bathroom all to yourself. Ugly but comfy jammies. They all matter.

12. Your life is now your design

It's not empty; it's blank. Write a new one.

13. He was an idiot, anyway

There you go. Someone said it for you.


14. You don't have to figure it all out this week

Make mistakes. Take your time. Shelve things for later. Shake it off. Your life just changed completely. You have a lot of new things to learn. Give yourself the patience you're giving your kids.

15. This too shall pass

Whatever it is, it's temporary. Unless it's good, in which case, you should keep it.

Everything's new. Things are in upheaval. You're up one day and down the next. But every day, you're one step closer to a happy and fulfilling new life that you will rock.


So, take a deep breath and remember that this is just the first week, month, or year.

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