The Bizarre Factor That Makes Him Twice As Likely To Cheat On You

This just in: Guys over 5'10" are twice as likely to stray.

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Remember a couple of months ago when we learned that, at least according to one study, rock 'n' roll fans are more likely to cheat?

Remember how we all rolled our eyes, scoffed, and laughed, but threw our partner’s rock albums out the window anyway just to be safe? Well, because that didn't seem absurd enough, I have another doozy for you.

According to 2014 survey results from the extramarital dating site,, guys over 5'10" are twice as likely to cheat than those who don't quite measure up when it comes to height.


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Did you just give your 5'11" boyfriend the side-eye after reading that? Good; because he's obviously cheating on you.

Although I'm extremely hesitant to take anything seriously when it comes from a website that condones cheating on your spouse, especially one that has a quote from Gwyneth Paltrow (of all people!) on their front page, Mike Taylor, a representative of the site, does make a point: "There is a certain confidence that comes with height, and guys know that it gives them an edge over shorter guys."

True, but just because you can, should you? And what about all the shorties out there who might feel like they have something to prove? What about them and the Napoleon complex that is so often associated with them? Maybe those are the ones on whom we should be keeping our eye.


When it comes to infidelity, I don't think there's a perfect, rock-solid, prototype for cheaters. While it might be easy, if not interesting and entertaining, to think that tall dudes who rock out to the Rolling Stones are just wandering the streets looking to stray, this mentality can lead to unnecessary suspicion.

Who wants to constantly be on their toes and flipping through their partner's texts after he goes to bed every night just because he happens to be over 5'10" in height? Talk about a boner-killer for any relationship; not to mention exhausting.

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Logistically, we can't pinpoint cheaters; they come in all shapes and sizes, and even scarier are the reasons some of them give as to why they cheat. To save your marriage? Yeah, right. Cheaters, man, they're the worst.


I think all we can really do is put our trust in our partners, work hard at our relationships, and hope that we get as much as we give. If it all comes crumbling down because he or she cheats on us, as sometimes is the case and a risk we all take when we fall in love, then we can make rational decisions for our future.

But, on the other hand, if you've been looking for a reason to accuse your dude of cheating, and he just happens to be on the taller side, you at least have this study to back up your claim. Go you.

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