10 Really Surprising Reasons Women Turn To Divorce

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According to the National Center for Health Statistics, women file for divorce two-thirds of the time. A notable statistic is that when the couple is college-educated, divorce initiated by the wife is a whopping 90 percent.

What's more interesting is that for the past 100 years, the primary filer has been the woman. The divorce rate began climbing drastically in the '70s, which correlates with the fact that in 1969, some states began adopting "no-fault" divorce laws, and by 1985, all states had such a law in place.

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The no-fault divorce opened the door.

The "no-fault" divorce allowed a couple to divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Before these laws, adultery or extreme cruelty required proof to be approved for a divorce.

Perhaps this is why many people think it's no big deal for a woman to go through a divorce. The truth is that divorce is painful for all parties involved.

Most women do not want a divorce.

They took their vows seriously and believed they would be married for life. They want a partner, a friend, a lover, and a mate that cherishes them.

Even though many women work, they are held to being the primary housekeeper and the main caregiver of their children. This adds an extreme amount of undue pressure on her. This means that women have two jobs. In many workplaces, women are still dealing with inequality, watching their male counterparts get promotions as they are blatantly passed over time and time again.

Due to many women's beliefs passed down from mother to daughter for generations, they struggle with who they are and what social roles they ought to fill. This inner struggle often leads a woman to put impossible demands on herself. She wants it all and thinks she has to do it all. At the same time, she is screaming for help.

According to a Pennsylvania State University study, these are the top 10 reasons women divorce.

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Here are the 10 really surprising reasons women turn to divorce:

1. Infidelity
2. Incompatible
3. Drinking/drug use
4. Grew Apart
5. Personality problems
6. Lack of communication
7. Physical or mental abuse
8. Loss of love
9. Not meeting family obligations
10. Employment problems

Surprisingly, financial problems were thirteenth on the list, which shows you that fighting over money all the time (or lack of money) is NOT one of the primary causes of divorce.

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The list is proof women want an equal partner.

When it comes down to it, men and women are looking for the same thing. We all want a person who loves us unconditionally. A partner that asks our opinion on important matters, trusts our decisions and respects us as a people. We all want to feel appreciated. We do not want to come second or third. When we talk, we want to feel heard.

At one time, there was love in the relationship. To get married, most couples have to feel most of the above. They are on top of the world when they are with their partner.

Then life happened. Being different people, each person handles the stresses and pressures of everyday life differently. Arguments begin, and communication breaks down. Often, the woman will try anything to make her marriage work. She starts to read books, try new things, buy new clothes, and maybe take up new hobbies. All in the hope of reviving the love that was lost.

She only resorts to divorce as a last resort.

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Cindy Holbrook is a divorce coach, personal development coach, and speaker.