Pregnant Woman Can't Look At Husband The Same After She Finds Out He Made A Bet With His Friends When He First Met Her

Every action has a consequence, especially when making a bet with your friends.

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People meet their spouses in different ways. But for one woman, her meet-cute with her stepbrother's friend turned out to be anything but cute.

The pregnant 24-year-old wife shared on Reddit how she no longer trusts that her 36-year-old husband loves her after his friends revealed the shocking secret of how they got together.

The pregnant wife revealed she can't look at her husband the same after learning about the bet he made with his friends before they got together.

What seemed like a casual conversation at dinner with friends turned into the wife’s worst nightmare. Her husband’s friend flippantly commented on their relationship working out, but she was confused by the statement.


Looking around the room to find answers, she noticed her husband and stepbrother were nervous about the comment. She knew something was up and, after pressing, that’s when the truth came out and her world came crashing down.

Before she and her husband met, her stepbrother made a bet amongst his friends that someone needed to sleep with his little stepsister to “teach her a lesson."



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The wife did not deny that she was a very arrogant and annoying teenager at the time, but the revelation still shocked her.

Her husband admitted to playing the game. “He regrets what an [expletive] he was before he met me,” she wrote. “He was always SO sweet and cute to me since we started talking that I would have never thought that he was making fun of me behind my back.”

She claimed that they tried to talk through it and work it out. She wanted to find a way to forgive him. However, she could not look at him with the same love she had before.

After nine months, she returned to Reddit with a happy update on her marriage.

Once the wife knew about the bet that her husband hid from her, she thought it was the end of their marriage. There were endless fights between her and her husband. No matter how many times he begged for forgiveness, it eluded her. The only resolution she could come up with was couples therapy.


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It is not uncommon to see marriages go into therapy. According to a survey from MidAmerica Nazarene University, almost 50% of married couples wind up in couples therapy, with the most common concerns being trust issues, managing conflicts, and improving communication.

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For this husband and wife, couples therapy worked. The wife wrote, “Thanks to that, we were able to move on.” 

Even though her life with her husband was on the right track, her relationship with her stepbrother had deteriorated. 

Her stepbrother took a long time to admit his fault in drama. 

“According to him, I should thank him because, thanks to him, I stopped being so annoying and I found the love of my life and the father of my children.” Although it seemed like a bad joke for her sibling to say such a thing, she claimed that he meant every word.

Recently, however, her stepbrother contacted her for her 25th birthday and apologized in a voicemail. “He misses me and that he’s very sorry,” she shared in an update. “He now understood that what he did a few years ago was disgusting and that should have never happened.” 




After listening to the message, the wife was heartbroken. She admitted that it is hard living life without her brother and missed the connection they used to have. She still hasn't decided how to move forward with him.

Along with this story comes a lesson about watching your actions and words. You never know how a simple prank could affect your relationships in the future.


It is hard to forgive someone when they've disrespected you and it's only compounded when that person is family. 

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