My Husband Took Out Two Credit Cards In My Name During Our Divorce

My husband committed financial abuse, and all he got was a slap on the wrist.

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Sometimes I wonder how my husband pulled off his severe financial abuse.

My friends used to say he wasn’t smart enough to do it. Of course, I would ultimately discover his work buddies had developed a severely abusive strategy they were sharing with one another.

A rocket scientist he wasn’t. 

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Case in point, my husband took out two credit cards in my name during our marital struggles.


One was a personal credit card. The other was a business credit card.

The latter is where the rocket scientist gets challenged. My husband is claiming I’m not a true business partner, yet he took out a business card with my name on it. Go figure.

I digress.

Anyway, I want my husband arrested for taking out two credit cards in my name.

I’m told I shouldn’t do that. 

Why? Because it could land him in jail. It could impact his income. It’s not worth prosecuting him for this.

I’m furious. There should be legal consequences for illegal fraudulent behavior. 

Instead, all my husband got is a slap on the wrist.


He was forced to pay off the credit card.

I know what you’re thinking. 

How is this possible? How did my husband have the ability to open a credit card in my name? And why did he open credit cards in my name? What was his endgame? What was his diabolical agenda?

It’s fairly simple.

When I received promotional credit card offers in the mail, my husband intercepted them. We were married and experiencing problems. But I was none the wiser.

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I didn't realize my husband and his work cronies are disturbingly and systematically sharing ways to take their ex-wives down and leave them with nothing in the event of a divorce.


My husband filled out the offers and did everything online.

He established a separate P.O. Box for mail but I was unaware of this.

I had no idea my husband had credit cards in my name.

The thought of it still incenses me. The nerve of him.

He had arrogantly hijacked my name and personal information. I can’t imagine — even happily married — believing I had the right to establish a credit card in his name.

That’s how my husband took out a credit card in my name.

And without my knowledge.

Here’s why he did it.

My husband was establishing a divorce ruse to abscond with all of our money.

I didn't know it yet but he had been hiding money from our business from the time our marital woes began. He was making our financial situation look desperate.


Credit cards play into this.

He was taking them out in my name to make it appear as if I’m a big spender.

He and his divorcing work buddies were all utilizing the same divorce narrative. They say their wives are big spenders and they lived beyond their means for years and no marriage could survive this type of financial collapse.

It’s a whole strategy that involves taking out credit cards, ruining credit, lowering the business income, inventing fake expenses, and potential bankruptcy.

But back to my ex-Einstein rocket scientist…

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He was charging his expenses on the credit card.


Not very smart because it was obvious I wasn’t the big spender and they were his own charges.

Not to mention, when I contacted the credit card companies, my ex-rocket scientist had all of his own information listed as the contact information.

The cards were in my name and had my personal information, but it was his phone number, his email address, etc. which exposed his deceit.

The most my ex-husband was forced to do was pay off the one credit card. 


He never had to pay off the second credit card because our marital problems lasted for too long. Or should I say, I spent too many years attempting to save our marriage.

At that time, my husband went with his initial strategy. He took the card out and charged it up and then didn’t pay it to ruin the credit. Hence, playing into the "big spender" and "living beyond our means" divorce narrative.

The credit card company had written off the debt because our marriage struggled for five years and then it was a five-year divorce.

You would think Einstein would have been embarrassed.

After all, he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

But my ex-husband has no shame. He was unapologetic for taking out multiple credit cards in my name.


He didn’t see a thing wrong with it. He said the offers came in the mail. I honestly get angry all over again just thinking about it.

My husband took out two credit cards in my name during a divorce.

And all he got was a slap on the wrist.

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