Mom Throws Away Her Husband's Father's Day Gifts After The Disappointing Mother's Day Weekend He Planned

Instead of getting the massage she was promised, she was chasing around children while her husband got drunk.

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A woman was thrilled after her husband revealed his lavish plans for a Mother’s Day weekend celebration. Instead, he left her heartbroken and disappointed by refusing to follow through with said plans.

Feeling betrayed, the woman retaliated against her husband by ruining Father’s Day. 

The woman threw out all of the gifts she got for her husband for Father’s Day after he did not uphold his promise to her on Mother’s Day.

Sharing her frustrations on Reddit, the mom of a 6-year-old son and an 8-month-old daughter explained that her husband promised her an entire weekend dedicated to her for Mother’s Day.


“This is NOT normal, but there have been years in the past where I did complain and feel hurt because he didn't really do much of anything for me on Mother's Day, but I always went all out for him on Father's Day, and I just felt unappreciated,” the woman wrote. “So I'm thinking that he finally understood where I was coming from and was going to make it special for me this year.”

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Even though all the woman asked for was a massage, he insisted on pampering her the entire weekend, implying that he was planning on going all out for her. 

On the Friday before Mother’s Day, the woman’s husband decided to invite a bunch of friends over for a “Mother’s Day bonfire.” Little did his wife know, the bonfire would consist of everyone else enjoying themselves while she was expected to look after and chase the children around. 

“I wasn't acknowledged until the very end of the evening, and that was by my husband's buddy who told me he was ‘stealing’ my husband to go out four-wheeling,” she wrote.

Since her husband and his friends had been drinking, he asked one of the neighbors to take them around four-wheeling, leaving his wife to clean up and look after her children, along with his friends’ children.


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“I'm extremely hurt at this point because this was my promised weekend and I got stuck with other people's kids, wasn't spoken to at all, had a mess to clean up, and now my husband is taking off,” the woman wrote.

I explained how hurt I was the next morning. He said he got it and apologized and says he just had too much to drink and wasn't really thinking clearly.” The woman understood and forgave her husband. They spent the day before Mother’s Day relaxing, as he spent most of it sleeping off a hangover.


On Mother’s Day, her husband received a call at 6 a.m. asking if he could come to work since they were short-staffed. He accepted, leaving his wife home alone with the kids until 5 p.m. When he got home, he took his family on a walk since it was something that she loved to do. However, only five minutes in, he was complaining about all the bugs and insisted that they go home.

“When we get back home, he lays down on the couch and says, ‘Oh, your gift is in the car,’” the woman wrote. “So I go down, and it's a $5 storage container for sugar/flour.” She added, “I do like stuff like this, but I'm so hurt at this point.” 

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When he ruined her promised massage, she retaliated.

When the woman asked her husband if she could at least have her promised massage, he told her that he was “too tired” and went to bed

“I just sat there crying,” the disappointed mom admitted.

She decided to take her anger out on her husband’s Father’s Day gifts she had already bought for him. “I took the 3 gifts that I already bought him for Father's Day and chucked them in the trash can,” the woman wrote. “Personalized items that cost me more than I want to admit but I don't even care anymore.”


When her husband discovered the gifts in the trash the next day, he began to understand just how badly he messed up.

“He's now saying that he ‘tried’ to make my weekend special and that he's hurt by me throwing away his gifts to retaliate against him for it not turning out the way he wanted it to,” the woman wrote.

Even though her weekend was ruined, acting impulsively in anger is never the answer.

Many commenters argued that the mom was justified in destroying his Father's Day gifts and even encouraged her to promise him an entire weekend and then dump all of the responsibilities onto him while she relaxed.

“It didn't turn out the way he wanted it to because he planned it for himself, not you. Thoughtless, selfish, and drunk is no way to get through life,” one Redditor commented.


Another user wrote, “He didn't try, and I'm sorry to break it to you, but it doesn't get better. These kinds of guys don't change.”

“He tried to make a nice Mother’s Day? He failed to make a nice Mother’s Day!” another user noted.

And while her weekend was undoubtedly an abysmal representation of "going all out," destroying his gifts isn't the answer either.


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Honoring your partner shouldn’t be an afterthought, but there shouldn't be a scorecard in love, either. Was this dad wrong? Definitely. Were her subsequent actions wrong, too? Yes.

Instead of destroying his gifts, perhaps they could have come together to make Father's Day weekend a celebration for them both, filled with gifts and a long-overdue massage.


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