Mom Who Received No Mother's Day Gift Because Her Husband Was 'Too Tired' Takes His Card & 'Fines' Him

She claimed he didn't even wish her a "Happy Mother's Day," which one person called a "big red flag."

Last updated on May 09, 2024

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Mother's Day is an important time to celebrate moms and everything they do for us that is often underappreciated day-to-day. It's a holiday that only happens once a year, giving people plenty of time to plan their gift ideas, whether that be something as simple as giving a heartfelt Mother's Day card or a meaningful gift.

There are very few excuses for not appreciating your mother or the mother of your child. Even those who can't afford a gift can always afford to simply wish the mom or moms in their life a happy Mother's Day — that is unless you're like one woman's husband, who found a concerning excuse for why he didn't acknowledge Mother's Day for his wife.


The mom's husband claimed he was 'too tired' to get her a Mother's Day gift.

In a now-deleted post, a mother who goes by @notyour_mom90 on TikTok called out her husband for not getting her a Mother’s Day gift. In the comments, she clarified that he said he didn’t get her anything because he was “too tired.” But besides not getting a gift, he didn’t even acknowledge the day!

“My husband did not say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to me,” she said. The mom of two has a 9-year-old and a child in kindergarten so it would be her husband's responsibility to ensure she was celebrated.

“He did not prompt my 9-year-old son to make me a card,” she said. “So thank God for kindergarten because I got a craft and a card for my kindergartener,” she said.


It’s one thing for a child to bring a card they were required to make in class and another for the father to step up and get a more meaningful gift for the hardworking mom. But his mistake did not come without repercussions! 

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She explained how she planned to 'fine' her husband for his actions (or lack thereof).  

Since her husband neglected to get her anything for Mother's Day, she decided she would buy herself some gifts — on his dime, of course. 

“My husband is getting fined, and what that means is I’m going to go on The RealReal, and I’m going to pick out some rings,” she said, referring to an online consignment shop where people buy and sell luxury items. 


The mom's experience highlights the 'invisible load of motherhood.'

Unfortunately in many heterosexual marriages, women often bear the brunt of the household. Moms are often the 'default parent,' the parent that kids turn to in times of need and the one who takes care of most parenting responsibilities, including holiday gift-giving. Sadly, when it comes time for those same moms to receive gifts, they are often overlooked. 

According to Allison Daminger, a doctoral candidate in sociology and social policy at Harvard University, this comes down to a "sense that women are ultimately responsible for family outcomes," she told BBC, adding that "there are more costs to a woman if these things don't go well or don't happen."

"I don't think people realize how much it hurts to not be recognized, even in the smallest way, for the things that we do every day, 24/7, 365," a mom named Carol Sustaire explained in a TikTok video.

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"And it's a 'Hallmark' holiday, no doubt, but what better opportunity to teach your kids how to show somebody appreciation?" Sustaire noted.

Even if you don't have a gift or card in hand, there are ways to recognize your mom or the mother of your child on Mother's Day. 

For those who are 'too tired' to get a Mother's Day gift or even if you simply forgot (life gets busy, it happens!), recognizing the mothers in your life is as easy as sending a simple text or giving them a call to let them know you appreciate what you do for them. It means more than you know!


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