8 Men Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Marriage Wasn't Going To Last

Here's how some people know the exact moment a relationship isn't going to last.

Last updated on Oct 17, 2023

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We all want our marriages to last forever, and for some very lucky people, they actually do. But then there are those who aren't so lucky.

The warning signs can be obvious. It's when they forget the important moments — be it your birthday, your anniversary, or the important event going on at school or work. But sometimes, you are just not in the same place anymore emotionally, physically, or intellectually. Is she more vanilla in bed, or friskier and it's leading to uncomfortable moments?


One man weighed in, saying, "Upon return from a business trip, my ex-wife and I were in the midst of yet another argument, which had been fairly commonplace over the previous 6 months or so. During this time my grandmother had finally lost her battle with Alzheimer’s and my family was planning her services. I naturally assumed that my ex would be making the trip with me but she indicated that she wasn’t going to, still upset at whatever petty argument we were having at that time. It was at that moment that it crystallized for me that this wasn’t going to work and I needed to put an end to it."


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It can also come down to your deal breakers. Maybe one of you wanted kids and the other one didn't, and that was the beginning of the end. If you've just grown apart, it can be a really terrible thing to admit, even to yourself. But eventually, the signs are just too obvious to ignore and too painful.

Here's how to know if your marriage is over, from men who have gone through divorce and the process leading up to a split.


Here 8 men reveal the moment they knew their marriages weren't going to last:

1. She forgot my birthday

"I knew my marriage wasn't going to last when my wife missed my 30th birthday party. We'd spent the morning together and made love, and she was supposed to drop by at 6 p.m. to a small event with friends. She didn't show up, and I knew at that point that I didn't want things to last."

2. She was no fun during intimacy

"She was too vanilla in bed and I'm a bit of a freak. Chalk it up to being a Scorpio."

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3. I put in all the effort

"As soon as I realized I was never going to get her to put in as much work as I was, it was not going to be a fair split of effort. I knew time was running out."


4. She was heartless

"When we were sitting and dinner and she was trying to convince me not to pay my uncle the bequest my mother left in her will. I told her it was distasteful and none of her business. Nevertheless, she persisted. I kept asking her to drop it and she refused. I kept trying to change the subject and again she refused."

5. She wanted children

"I had TWO good friends back in Arizona who got divorced because their wives changed their stance on wanting kids. Both couples married right out of high school, both ladies were very self-sufficient and politically savvy and initially said no kids. But by their mid- to late-20s? Total reversal. My friend said they tried to compromise by adopting a greyhound, but that's not your offspring, so there's no real compromise on that issue."

6. She didn't pay attention

"One day I purchased a button-down in the 'wrong' size — it was 1 or 2 sizes 'too small' but I didn't realize it at the time. I put on the shirt and realized how well it actually fit. My (then) wife hadn't ever told me I was wearing the wrong size clothing. She either didn't notice or didn't care. Normally this might not have been a big deal, but she had gone to school to work in a fashion-related industry so she knew better."

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7. Things became too routine

"When the open communication, playfulness, and spontaneity stops, so does the marriage. Marriage becomes a routine when passion leaves the house — not the physical aspect but the fun and naughtiness that goes with it. Communication and the lack thereof is the principal marriage breaker."

8. She didn't think ahead

"When we went on vacation to a place she wanted to go to, and I didn't, that she was supposed to plan, and she hadn't planned a thing. Hadn't even made hotel reservations."

9. I generally hated being in her presence

"I texted her that dinner plans with my friends had changed about 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet. It didn't take Freud to realize that I told her late in the game because I didn't want her there. I had substantially more fun with other people. We hadn't been intimate in around six months and it felt like the only reason we got together in the first place was some sense of loneliness followed by curiosity followed by personal momentum and dogged loyalty. It was a very bright, clarion call that this was not going to work."


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