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'Gutted' Man Shows Girlfriend A Picture Of The Custom Engagement Ring He Bought Her And She Doesn't Like It

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It is very common in serious relationships for couples to start talking about marriage before they are even engaged. In fact, most women will at the very least drop hints about ring styles they like well before an engagement to ensure they love the jewelry they will wear for a lifetime. 

In this case, a man turned to Reddit after buying a custom ring he thought his fiancée would love. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly what she had in mind. 

The man felt ‘gutted’ once he showed his future fiancée the custom ring he bought and she didn't like it.

Apparently, the couple had been shopping for engagement rings together, for a while. There was one particular ring that his fiancée fell in love with, but he couldn't purchase it at the time. So, he kept the style in mind and searched the internet for something similar.

Man Shows Girlfriend The Custom Engagement Ring He Bought And She Doesn't Like ItPhoto: pixelshot / Canva Pro

After a few months, he found a ring that he thought looked similar to the one his girlfriend was initially drawn to, and without hesitation he bought it. 

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He was so excited with what he thought was the perfect ring, he decided to show her a picture of it.

But he played it off like he was just trying to get a feel for whether she liked it or not. Unfortunately, his excitement was quickly replaced with disappointment.

“Hmmmmm, I don’t know about the halo,” she told him. “It just looks bumpy, like it will get snagged.”

He wrote that he was absolutely "gutted" once he heard those words. He insisted the ring he bought was nearly identical to the one she really liked at the store and even required certain custom features which made it impossible to return.

Now, he's understandably at a loss for what to do. Does he fess up that he already bought the ring? Does he try to sell it and buy one with her, so this doesn't happen again?  



According to his post, he decided to throw caution to the wind and propose with the ring anyway with the caveat that if she really hated it they could have it tweaked by a jeweler so it would suit her taste.

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She said yes to his proposal and loved the ring.

In his most recent update, he revealed that not only was his fiancée ecstatic about his proposal, but she adored the ring. "She kept saying how she loved the ring how perfect it is and she couldn’t believe that I did it."

After much urging from Reddit commenters, he even shared a photo of the ring.

Man Shows Girlfriend The Custom Engagement Ring He Bought And She Doesn't Like ItPhoto: Reddit

Hopefully, his fiancée wasn't just swept up in a moment of love and will later look at her ring finger with distaste, but when you roll the dice on an expensive piece of jewelry, it's a risk you take.

Communication is key when it comes to an engagement and a marriage.

For many couples, the first real test of the strength of a relationship is the engagement. Couples can and should talk about their engagement before it happens, and that includes how and what they expect from the proposal. 

Family behavioral therapist, Dr. Jennifer Freed, is adamant about couples being open and honest with each other well before their engagement and how integral those talks are to the success of a future marriage. She told Thrillist, "Sharing deeply and authentically about each person's longings and values can bring a couple closer, and help clarify the positive intentions in combining their lives legally."

That includes making sure your fiancée sincerely likes the ring before you buy it.

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