Man Kicks His Pregnant Fiancée Out In The Middle Of The Night After She 'Screamed' In His Face Because He Kept Kicking Her In His Sleep

She's now refusing to speak to him after he ruthlessly kicked her out.

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A man is facing heavy criticism after claiming that kicking his pregnant fiancée out was justified after she yelled at him in the middle of the night. 

Posting to the subreddit r/AITAH, he claimed that she'd disturbed his sleep and, in a fit of anger, refused to let her continue sleeping in their room.

He kicked his pregnant fiancée out in the middle of the night after she screamed in his face.

In his Reddit post, he explained that he and his fiancée have been together for six years, and she's currently a little over five months pregnant with their daughter. About a month ago, he was promoted at work, and now, his workload has become quite strenuous compared to what he was doing before, which has, in turn, affected his sleeping habits.


While he used to be a peaceful sleeper, he's started tossing and turning, talking, snoring, and interrupting his fiancée’s sleep because of it. He pointed out that he hadn't found a way to stop his restless sleeping after sleeping pills left him feeling groggy in the morning, which was a dangerous state of mind for his line of work.

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"Several times I have woken up to my [fiancée] sleeping on the couch and her being over the top [mad] at me because she's 'sick' of me causing her sleepless nights," he wrote. "I have slept on the couch a few times to try and give her space, but I can't do that too often because the couch is extremely hard on the back, and it leaves me in physical pain."

One night, it seemed to be worse than usual, and his fiancée confronted him. She said he'd been elbowing her in his sleep. He recalled waking up at some point during the night to her physically pushing him back onto his side of the bed, and at another point, he'd even pushed her completely off of their king-sized bed. Of course, he was in too deep of a sleep to notice that he was doing any of this but was awoken by his fiancée leaning into his face and screaming at him.

It apparently triggered something in him because he immediately told her to get out of not only their room but their house as well. However, as soon as she left, he admitted to feeling terrible that he'd kicked her out. He spent the entire next day trying to call and text her because she wasn't answering, and he was getting worried.


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"In a panic, I started blowing up her phone, calls back to back, and texting her asking her to please meet me back at this house so we could talk about this. She just texted back and said, "Not a chance in hell actually.' My buddy said that she's overreacting because she's pregnant, but I can't help but feel guilty."

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While disrupted sleep can be frustrating, the man's response was excessive. 

It's even worse because she's pregnant, and pregnancy can already be such a challenging time, including uncomfortable sleepless nights. It seems that instead of being empathetic to that, offering support, or even showing just an ounce of remorse for being a nightmare person to sleep beside, he simply let his anger take over and kicked her out when he had no right to do so.

He admitted that he hasn't even done a thorough job of addressing his sleeping habits, including seeking professional help or exploring alternative solutions, such as separate sleeping arrangements or even sleep therapy. Instead, he chose to prioritize his own comfort over his pregnant wife-to-be, and that's not an acceptable way to support both his significant other and their unborn baby.

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People in the comments agreed that he was wrong for kicking out his fiancée and disturbing her sleep.

"I get that it's not on purpose, but [you're] literally pushing a pregnant woman out of bed in her sleep. What [if] she doesn't catch herself in time? What if you accidentally hit her [in the] stomach? Invest in an air mattress, schedule an appointment with your doctor, and see what they can do to help," one Reddit user wrote.

Another user added, "Nobody should have to try to sleep while being assaulted all night long, and being pregnant makes it hard enough to get good sleep. You definitely did not do enough to solve YOUR problem before it got to this point."

"I get your job sucks, and you need sleep too, but being pregnant, it’s already difficult to sleep, especially when your partner does shit like you and won’t go sleep on the couch. Get a better couch or something, but this isn’t her problem; it’s yours. She doesn’t deserve to get assaulted in her sleep because you have issues," a third user chimed in.

At the end of the day, it isn't her responsibility to find a solution to her fiancé's aggressive sleeping habits. 


It's on him to take proactive steps to address the issue so that both he and his significant other can get some good sleep, especially before their baby arrives and they won't be able to sleep at all.

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