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Man Explains Why He Hates His Wife But Can’t Divorce Her Because She’s In A Vegetative State

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man feels sad and wants to divorce wife

We’ve all heard the famous wedding vows, “In sickness and in health, until death do us part.” But is there leeway for those who face tragedy? What do you do if your partner ends up in a tragic accident and isn't who they used to be?

One man shared an anonymous Reddit story about a man who hates his wife after she suffered permanent brain damage.

In a TikTok, Jonathon Moss began the story that was first posted on Reddit. Speaking in a first-person point-of-view, Moss said, “I hate my wife, but I may never get the chance to divorce her.” 

Moss provided context to the story. He explained the man and his wife are both 28 years old, and they have been married for 10 years. Every day, the man gets his wife out of bed, bathes her, helps her use the bathroom, feeds her, sits her in her favorite chair and plays her favorite show. The man described his wife as “a shell, a body of the person she used to be.”

The man shared that his wife got into a tragic car accident a year and a half ago. She was driving 75 miles per hour while running a red light when she got hit in a T-bone collision, resulting in severe brain damage. 

Research suggests that 20-50 percent of marriages end in divorce following a traumatic brain injury, but that is not why this man desires a divorce.



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The man said he stopped loving his wife two months ago — but it isn’t because she’s in a vegetative state. 

“I still loved my wife inside of that state and took care of her every single day. I still take care of her every single day,” Moss read.

The reason the man said he hates his wife is because of what he found on her phone. The man was planning to make a collage of their relationship to put in their room and showcase their love, Moss explained. This collage would encapsulate all the places they had visited together. Upon checking through her phone for photos he could use in the collage, the man claimed he found text messages his wife sent the day of her accident. The messages were sent to a name and number he did not recognize, saying "Hurry up," "Where are you," "I need you, right now," "I'm on the way," "I love you," and "I had trouble getting away from him."

At this moment, it was clear to the man that his wife had been cheating.

Not only did the man find messages, but he claimed he found photos and videos of his wife doing things with this other man. "I saw things that I couldn't even get her to do with me in Barbados," Moss stated, reading from the story. "I'm sitting here like, wait. We went all over the world, and you did this next door? You did this down the street?"

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The man decided to find out who his wife had been cheating on him with.

When the man found his wife's affair partner's social media page, he discovered that he was already in a new relationship — only two days after the accident of a woman he supposedly loved. 

"Somebody that loved you with all their heart, that would take care of you every single day while you were sick, you don't love." Moss read. "But somebody that will leave you two days after your accident ... that's the person you love?"

Moss ends the story by saying the so-called "favorite show" the man plays for his wife every day is showing her that the other man she had an affair with did not care about her. It is unclear what exactly he shows her, but the moral of the story is he feels betrayed by the woman he devoted himself to, and this is his revenge.

The man feels heartbroken that she chose someone so undeserving of her love over her own husband, who loved and cared for her deeply and only wanted the best for her. 

In this story, the man suffered not just one tragedy, but two. 

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