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Woman Discovers Her Ex Tattooed The Face Of The Woman He Had Cheated With On Her Arm Without Realizing

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The one thing most people hear before getting any tattoo is to make sure you know what you want so you don't end up regretting it later.

Unfortunately, a woman named Jasmine Parsad revealed that the tattoo her ex-boyfriend gave her during their relationship has quickly become the piece of artwork on her body that she heavily regrets — and it isn't even her fault.

She discovered that her ex had tattooed the face of the 'other woman' on her arm.

In Jasmine's initial TikTok video, the Arizona-based content creator admitted that when she was with her ex-boyfriend, who was a tattoo artist, she unknowingly let him tattoo the face of the woman he had cheated with on her arm.

"When I dated an emo tattoo artist & got all tatted up because I was 'sad too' and he tatted the girl's face he cheated on me [with] on my arm without me knowing," Jasmine wrote in overlay text on her video. She admitted that it's not only her biggest regret, but the worst tattoo that she has on her body.



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After receiving a barrage of comments to explain how that happened in the first place, Jasmine made a follow-up, sharing that she had trusted her boyfriend and was shocked to find out that the design he'd come up with wasn't what she had initially thought it to be.

Showing the design of the woman's face on her arm, she explained that she wasn't going to show a reference photo to save people from attacking her and sending her hate.

"Me and my ex were dating at the time. He was a tattoo artist and I had told him I wanted Lilith from the Bible," she recalled. Since no one actually knows what she looks like, Jasmine told him that she didn't mind if he freestyled the design.



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When he showed her the completed image, she had no idea that the face of the woman was the person he had been cheating on her with. Satisfied with it, Jasmine gave him the green light to tattoo it on her arm, not thinking anything nefarious was happening.

Months later, her ex broke up with her and admitted that he had cheated on her during their relationship.

After some time had passed with her new tattoo, Jasmine's ex broke off their relationship with no warning. On top of that, he so graciously let her know that he had also been cheating on her for months during their relationship.

"He literally dumps me the day before my sister's funeral [and] admits to me that he's been cheating on me the entire time with his ex-girlfriend. And then me, being crazy, I go researching and find her TikTok," Jasmine continued.

woman reveals her ex tattooed the face of the woman he cheated with on herPhoto: RDNE Stock project / Pexels

After finding the woman's TikTok, Jasmine was flabbergasted to discover that her face was the exact same face her ex tattooed on her arm months earlier. She claimed that people in her life assumed she was exaggerating, but when she showed them the side-by-side of her tattoo and the woman's face, the similarity was uncanny.

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She informed viewers that she didn't end up getting revenge on her ex, but if anyone knew of any lawyers in Arizona that she could contact, she would greatly appreciate it.

"I don't even know if I can sue him because I didn't know that was his ex's face, the girl that he was cheating on me with. If I had known that, I would have never gotten the design," she added.

People were ablaze with suggestions for what Jasmine could do to get retribution for the botched tattoo that her ex-boyfriend gave her.

"You can take him to court so he can pay for the removal. Gather evidence and get a lawyer," one TikTok user suggested, while another added, "Get a quote on how much the removal will cost and take him to small claims court. If you can, get him to admit to it in writing (text, email, etc..)."

woman reveals her ex tattooed the face of the woman he cheated with on herPhoto: İsra Nilgün Özkan / Pexels

Jasmine's unfortunate situation is not only the botched tattoo but also the emotional betrayal of learning that her ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her throughout their relationship. His actions, from not only cheating but also manipulating the tattoo design, are an extreme breach of trust that has now become an unlucky chapter in her life.

But hopefully, she can successfully get the tattoo removed and let karma do its thing when it comes to her ex

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